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More Family Stories


A few weeks ago, the children were playing the board game, Apples to Apples.

While playing, Papito, our pet Quaker (a small parrot), was sitting on Felipe's shoulder.

Felipe kept talking to Papito and thanking him for his help with the answers.

At one point, after Felipe lost, he took Papito off his shoulder .

Papito was on his finger, and Felipe put him close to his face and said, "I'm sorry Master. I'm sorry I failed you."

At precisely that moment, Papito (who doesn't like to be face to face) squawked and screeched, jumped and scratched Felipe in the face.

Felipe wasn't hurt and the others broke down laughing so much they couldn't even play.

I guess you better be careful if you get your answers from a parrot.

An Indian?

We were recently watching a movie where a young child had a false perception of one of their parents, when I was reminded of what Felipe used to believe.

When the children were young we did quite a bit of rendezvousing. That is Mountain Men encampments where you go and camp with others, but everything in your camp has to be pre 1830's.

Well, one day, Felipe told his babysitter that his Father used to be an Indian and that he grew up in the woods in a tepee and that he hunted bears and deer.

(On my Pioneer Day page you can see our tepee and our Native American clothing). 

Hot water.

When we lived in Southeast Kansas we regularly traveled to Bartlesville, Oklahoma to buy groceries, etc.

One day as we were driving through town, one of the boys who had just learned to read, saw the huge lettering on the city’s 3 large water towers.

He read aloud the words: HOT, WARM, and COLD. He then turned to me and said, “Wow! The people in Bartlesville are really lucky. I bet they never run out of hot water.”

What Sunday?

In our church, we practice the principle of fasting. On the first Sunday of each month, which we call Fast Sunday, we fast for 24 hours. We then give an offering to be used for the poor among us.

One Sunday, many years ago, when Felipe was about 4 years old, as I went in to wake him up for church, he asked me, "Is today fast or slow Sunday?"

Goddess Divine

Today, I was watching Pride and Prejudice with my daughter, Maria, and her fiancé, Travis.

At the end of the movie, Elizabeth tells Mr. Darcy what endearments he can call her on what occasions. One name was Goddess Divine.

Maria turned to Travis and said, "You will have to call me Goddess Divine."

He replied, "Oh really?"

I then looked at them and said, " I told Fito to call me that and he has yet to do it!"

They then burst out laughing and Travis turned red from embarrassment.

Large Tongue

After work several weeks ago, Matthew was sitting in his apartment and his roommate brought some people by.

There were 3 girls and one other guy.

They were all talking and having fun, but since they didn't know anything about each other they all decided to go around in a circle and say something interesting about themselves.

So Matt said, "I have a large tongue."

Of course, he then had to show everyone the object of interest.

One of the girls said, "Wow, that looks like a sea creature!"

So then Matthew went on Facebook and told everyone, "that Lizzie is insensitive and said my tongue looks like a sea creature."

Of course that set off a whole other set of comments.

As a mother, though, I am left wondering why my 22 year old son would choose, of all his attributes, to say that he has a large tongue?

Monster Truck

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving to church, and somehow we got on the subject of 2-wheel drive versus 4-wheel drive and how to drive in the ice and the snow.

I was explaining these things to Felipe, as he has a permit and this will be his first winter to drive.

I then explained that we always put rocks in the back of the truck as it is 2-wheel drive, and needs the weight in the back to give it stability.

When out of the blue, seven-year-old Rebeca exclaimed, "Not a monster truck!"

We all died laughing. We did not even know she was listening and it is even odder as we do not watch any sports or any type of racing.

I asked her how she knew about monster trucks and she said, "Phineas and Ferb." (A Disney Cartoon). What an enlightened age we live in.

The Boo Boo

Years ago, when Benjamin was a toddler. He would come up to you when he had a boo boo on his finger and want you to kiss it.

Fito, though, many times, instead of kissing the injured finger would actually put it in his mouth and soothe it that way.

One day, when Fito was outside working in the garden, Benjamin came waddling up to him with his finger extended going "uhh uhh".

Fito, without looking at the finger, picked Benjamin up and put the finger in his mouth.

There was a big booger! Now, in Fito's mouth! He spit it out and never again, did he do that without first looking at the child's finger.

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