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TMNT Hero's

When Tony was small, Ninja Turtles were all the rage. He had the toys, watched the cartoons, and always had a sword in his hand.

When the first movie came out, we waited until it was on video and then purchased it. Donatello, in the movie, said the word D--.

Well, Donatello was Tony's hero and Tony decided that since Donatello was a good guy that there was no way that D-- was a bad word.

It did not matter what we said or did, he kept saying the word. Finally, one day in total exasperation, I washed out Tony's mouth with soap.

(Actually, I put some Dawn Detergent on my finger and rubbed it on his tongue and then let him have the kitchen sink to get it out himself).

He never said the word again.

This past week, we found out that Maria had used some unladylike words. My husband grounded her from talking to her boyfriend, but I told her that I was going to use the "Tony" treatment as that seemed to work so well.

She wouldn't let me do it, but she did it herself, in the kitchen where we could see her. I guess in the future we will see if it works?!?

The joy of being a parent! Here is a piece of the TMNT movie for you to enjoy!

TMNT movie 1: Dancing Turtles

A fragment of the first movie of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I saw this again after a long time and I totally forgot about this "meditaiting" moment xD. I just could not resist LOL

You didn't think I was going to show the part with the D-- word, did you?

Benjamin's Father

One day when Benjamin was about five or six, Fito walked by him and saw that he was looking upward in a very contemplative mood.

He asked Benjamin what he was thinking or doing.

Benjamin replied, "I am talking to my father."

Fito said, "But I am your father. "

Benjamin retorted, "No. My real Father."

Of course, Fito knew, to whom Benjamin was referring.

However, he came into the living room where I was visiting with his mother, told us what happened, and then teasingly asked me, "Who is Benjamin's real father?!?"

David's Bubble

As a Spanish teacher, my husband occasionally takes his student's to Mexican restaurants to eat out, and also to practice their Spanish.

He makes them order in Spanish and speak to the waiter/waitress in only Spanish.

On one of these occasions, he had taken David with him. He had several girl student's who were crazy about David.

Now mind you, David was only about 14 month's at the time, but he was very cute and had all the girls after him. :)

The waitress came and as she went around the circle, she took each person's order.

When she got to David who was sitting in a high chair between two girls, she asked, "And what should I get for the baby?"

Right at that moment, David let out a huge bubble. (Bubble is our family's way of saying passing gas).

Everyone started laughing, even the waitress. Then they all laughed even harder as cute little David simply smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

It was Elvis

I really do not know when this started or why, but when Rebeca was little, the older children would poke her from behind and when she would turn around to see who it was.

They would say, "It wasn't me!"

And then of course, she would ask, "Who then?"

And they would answer, "It was Elvis."

Also, if a strange noise was heard, a thump upstairs, a squeak, or other such things...they would say, "It was Elvis."

Well one day when Rebeca was 4, Matt was showing Rebeca a picture of the Prophet and the 12 apostles of our church.

He pointed to the Prophet and asked, Do you know who this is?"

She said, "Is it Elvis?"

Everyone laughed, but I was mortified! How could my darling daughter not know who the Prophet was!

Anyway, I showed her a conference that was taped showing the Prophet speaking, then showed her an Elvis beach movie.

She quickly learned the difference between a prophet and Elvis. Elvis sings and dances!

She also learned that Elvis "did not do it"

Any now when something occurs and someone says, "It was Elvis."

Rebeca answers, "Unh, unh, he dances."

Felipe's Grass

We were on our way to church on a beautiful day in early spring.

Felipe, who was about 2 at the time, pointed to the newly budding trees, and said,

"Papi, Look! There is grass growing on the trees!"


Yesterday in the evening, David was telling us about how he got roughed up doing something.

Out of the blue, in a whinny comical voice, Rebeca said, "Did you cry like a baby?"

We all burst out laughing. It was one of those moments you just had to be there.

I guess it was extra funny to us, because we are always telling her, she is a big girl now, and can't act like a baby...


I can't think of a specific story right now, but let me tell you about some of the messes I have had to clean up through the years.

I came into the kitchen one day to find a small boy on the stool dropping fresh eggs on the floor. He said it was cool to watch them break open. There were already several eggs on the floor when I found him.

I had been making cookies one time, when the phone rang and I left the kitchen. When I came back, the children were just "finishing" the dough for me. There was a combination of eggs, flour, and sugar in the bowl (none of it measured) and somehow they had more flour on the counter and floor than in the bowl.

One day when Tony was small. Who knows what he was thinking, but I came out from nursing the baby in the room to find the house had basically been TP'd. (Toilet papered). He had taken the roll and just walked everywhere. It was in the kitchen, dining room, living room, etc.

When I was first married, I decided one day to cook the beans in a pressure canner to speed up the process. Well I cooked them too hot and they shot up through the release valve, straight up to the ceiling, spread into a wide circle and started dripping off the ceiling all over the kitchen.

The dilemma was, we were living at the time with my sister-in-law who is extremely clean! I cleaned and cleaned...then I started another batch...AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED!

I have never cooked beans in a pressure cooker again.

Maria was eating pudding in the high chair and decided to decorate herself, her hair, the chair, etc.

Many many more...


When Benjamin was about four or five, I had purchased several books on science. One of the books was about the bones in the human body.

Benjamin came to Fito one day when they were outside and was pinching his forearm.

Fito asked him what he was doing.

Benjamin replied, "Did you know we have bones?"

Fito said, "Wow. "

Benjamin said, "Yes, we have bones in our body."

Of course, Fito let him explain all about bones, but from that moment on, "Bones" became Fito's pet nickname for Benjamin.

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