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As a teacher, you have to write your educational philosophy. Here is my shortened version:

Teaching and learning is a continuous process of learning and reflection that happens with the support of a group of colleagues. The cohort works with real problems, with the intention of getting things done.

True learning is the same as planned knowledge and true teaching is the application of such; in other words, an educator/learner that is intentionally seeking knowledge with a plan for success. The process of teaching and learning is cyclic, and includes the following steps: experience, reflection, conceptualizing, and planning.

Therefore, they are processes that educators use to become better at their professions.

In conclusion, teaching is an assessment of educational fundamentals and instructional examples. As a teacher, I am continually developing a repertoire of teaching techniques and strategies. In addition, I learn about new models and ways of teaching.

In addition, as a current student I still am learning, therefore, my philosophy is to learn, then to teach: to strengthen the act of teaching. real words:

My degrees have all been in HR, business, organization, and management. I have been an office manager, a restaurant owner, a consultant.

I see and think in terms of systems, processes, procedures, policies, organizational theory, and so forth.

Basically, I was born organized.

I have taught at 4 different colleges. I have taught at vo-techs and other community organizations. I have worked in Public Relations. My husband is a full-time teacher and received his Master's in Curriculum and Development. His degree was online and by correspondence. I watched all the teaching videos and helped him prepare tools, classroom projects, etc.

I am the mother of nine children. I used to home school my children and have always been interested in education, homemaking, and family.

What I really believe is that each field: Business, Education, and Home Management should be integrated with each other. Business can learn from education, and education from Business. Both need to consider the Home and the Home should be the center of society with relevant learning and training taking place there.

What I see in real life is total abandonment of the Home with Business struggling and education floundering.

There are basic principles that once learned have the power to change individuals, families, businesses, schools, and organizations.

That is my goal: to share these fundamental life changing principles and concepts with any who will listen.

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