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Monday, July 19th. Today, we decided to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday, as Wednesday, the actual day, I have other things I need to do. We usually have a large party with pinata and friends, but Elizabeth just wanted to go out with Maria, Rebeca, and me and shop, eat at Chili's, and see a movie.

With a large family, the chances to eat out or go to a movie are nil. It is just too expensive to do so.

We went to a thrift store first and found some great bargains. I think I almost found everything Rebeca needs for back-to-school. We only found a few things for Elizabeth.

We then went to Sonic for a drink (something else we usually don't do). But it was her birthday and 104 today. Another hot, hot day.

Then onto Toys R Us. I was so proud of Elizabeth today. She took her time and looked at everything. She considered price, how long it would last, what she could use it for, and then decided on a "pretend" laptop game that is for learning activities.

She really wants to learn Spanish and so she said this was best as it helped with that goal.

Then we went to a movie, "Despicable Me." And then out to eat at Chili's.

Fist of all, it is fun to go see a movie and eat out. Yes, I will admit it. But at the same time when I think about the amount of groceries that I could buy...I just cringe.

Tuesday, July 20th. Today was errands. Grandma Nena and Fito went with me. We went several places.

One interesting errand was that we went to a doll hospital to pick up a doll that had been given to Rebeca. The doll had a porcelain head, hands, and feet...cloth body. She was in poor shape: hair messed up, leg falling out...

The lady repaired her and we bought the most beautiful dress, hat, and bustle, and a doll stand. She looked ready for the trash before and now she is beautiful.

We also picked up a piece of furniture I put in lay-a-way at a consignment shop months ago. Then we went to a wholesale wallpaper place I found and bought wallpaper. The furniture and wallpaper are oriental...elegant...flowery...

Right now the room is plain white Sheetrock. It is the game room/music room/ computer room. It used to be the garage and we renovated it. But I plan to make it pretty. I have found a fast and effecient way to put up wall paper.

We ate leftovers all day. No cooking. But it was 106 today! Who wants to cook.

Wednesday, July 21st. Today is Elizabeth's Birthday. Emily (Matthew's girlfriend) and Matthew are taking Elizabeth out for a $ Movie and McDonald's.

I am so tired and overwhelmed that I told Grandma Nena to take a break today. I told her that we would have Maria make some rice and that Felipe could grill some of the Chicken Fajitas that we bought at the meat market.

I am spending the day working on school and trying to get caught up on my web page.

This evening, we will start to set up for a Pioneer Day we are having at our church on Saturday. last year we had almost 500 people come to it. We have all kinds of demonstrators come. It is a lot of work, but fun and really neat.

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