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Have you ever been to a Sexual Harassment Training Session that wasn't all legalese gibberish and you were about to fall asleep, but you couldn't, because you knew you had to pass a test at the end of class?

Has your organization had Sexual Harassment training, but behavior still hasn't changed?

Engaging, incredibly relevant and occasionally humorous, Let's Get Honest© sets a whole new standard in sexual harassment videos. It is beautiful to watch, motivational and remarkably human with its approach and message. (This is you have any idea how many BORING programs and videos I watched before I found this one?) It is the first sexual harassment video that addresses the real dilemma facing today's workforce: how to put your sexuality on hold at work while living in a sexually charged world. We live in a society that bombards us with sex. Either implicitly or overtly, sex is everywhere. It's in the movies, on television, on the covers of magazines, on the Internet and in all types of advertising. And yet, when it comes to work, we're expected to check it at the door, like a coat we take on and off at will.


Let's Get Honest© confronts the sexual harassment problem head-on. It addresses how to live in a sexually-charged society while working in an environment that is supposed to be void of anything sexual. Let's Get Honest© offers learners a real-world perspective, presenting surprisingly honest solutions to a variety of workplace issues ranging from flirting and dating to clueless behavior and predatory harassment. It offers employees real tools that they can use immediately to help themselves be on their best behavior at work.

6 Ways Employees Can Check Their Sexuality at the Door:

Filter before you speak

If it's not about business, it's none of your business

Clueless is no excuse

Harassment ends when you Speak Up!

No Means No, the first time...

As an added bonus, He Said, She Said: An Interactive Sexual Harassment Workshop includes eight expanded scenes from the video that depict various forms of inappropriate behavior.

These scenes are used to promote discussion and explore what may or may not constitute sexual harassment, and to challenge employees' beliefs and perceptions regarding sexual harassment, and inappropriate behavior at work.

As the stories unfold, employees explore for the facts, read between the lines and hear from witnesses and experts.

  • Choose Any Workplace Setting: Office, Industrial, Healthcare, or Retail/Service


Peter Escalante, HR Manager with Idomeneo Enterprises, a Los Angeles based HR outsourcing firm, on The Today Show segment about sexual harassment in the workplace.

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