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I use a practical process that everyone is familiar with to demonstrate and teach the fundamentals of this business skill. This is a fun and enlightening session that will teach you how to "see" the world with organizational eyes. You and your employees will become more efficient, more organized, and will be able to create a more effective workplace.

Organizing your laundry: Save 2-3 hours each week!

Objectives: At the end of the session, the trainees will be able to:

  • Define the concept of refining processes.

  • Recognize areas of refinement in the laundry center.

  • Demonstrate how to create lasting change to the laundry (and any other) process.

"Most of us have had some experience with self-improvement efforts.

My experience has taught me this about how people and organizations improve: the best place to look is for small changes we could make in things we do often.

There is power in steadiness and repetition.

And if we are led by inspiration to chose the right things to change, consistent obedience will bring great improvement."

Henry B. Eyring

Best Motivational video ever

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This is what I call the "small means brings about great things" principle.

In other words, by small and simple things...great things are brought to pass.

A small habit developed in our youth can bring about great rewards as an adult. Just as a small habit that is developed that is bad can bring about our ruin.

As businesses, organizations, families, parents, individuals...

We need to look for the small, seemingly insignificant acts that we can improve upon, refine, change, shorten, adjust, and then adopt the change and enjoy the improvement.

I remember when I FINALLY made the small adjustment in my life and started putting my keys in only one spot.

A small act that brought great improvement to my life! No more searching for keys?!?

Think of a process or part of your life or work that needs change.

What is one small part of the process that you could change?

What small habit could you master that would cause more peace in your life?

I liked this video because I feel that he is an example of small means...I do not think any feat in his daily life is small. However, I am sure that each task must be broken down into small manageable steps that he can master to accomplish anything.

We too, must persevere in our lives and businesses, our families and learning-- one step at a time.

As all are drawn into the decision-making process and help to create the changes needed, a sense of purpose is provided and the organization achieves order.

Hence, whether it be in the home, school, work, or church, a good skill for any leader to have, is that of refinement.

For it is only through refinement that a "piece of coal becomes a diamond", or that an imperfect process becomes perfected. 

There are many ways to do things, but through the refinement of the procedure, many advantages may be gained.

The process may be shortened, made simpler, or even eliminated. 

Almost every book on management or administration has a chapter on refining processes. Too many times though, the philosophy of the manager is unclear or the style of leadership is authoritative and demanding. A better style of management, is to empower the employee. This is done through the skills of listening, being explicit in showing what is expected, and insuring that the employees have a stake in the development of tasks and procedures

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