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Potato Soup (and making Gravy)

I always make more potatoes than we need so I can make potato Soup from the leftovers (which I did…as it is one of my mom’s favorite foods).

I just add milk to the leftover potatoes (another reason to just return the potatoes to the pan instead of using a serving dish…Thanksgiving and holidays are the only time I use serving dishes).Add enough milk to completely cover the mashed potatoes by about an inch and ½.

Then add a little dehydrated onion.

I take my hands and squish the potatoes and milk together. It is easier than trying to stir them to mix them.Then I bring the mixture to a boil.

I take a glass cup, fill it about ½ to ¾’s full with COLD water, and add 1 tablespoon of corn starch. Use a fork to briskly stir until dissolved.

Once the potato soup is boiling (stir it constantly as it will burn very easily…as the potatoes are starchy they stick really easy to the bottom…a nonstick pot is best).

Right before you add the corn starch mixture…stir it again as it settles sometimes. Then pour it into the boiling soup.

Boil the soup for another minute or two, stirring constantly, and you will feel and see it thicken right before your eyes.

Corn starch is great!! You can thicken anything and turn a broth into gravy just by this one little step.

For example, the chicken I made…I could have done this to thicken the broth.

Just remember to always use COLD water to first mix the corn starch and do not add corn starch directly to a broth (or grease) as it will just clump together and you will have lumpy soup or gravy.

You can replace the water with milk if you want the broth or gravy to be more white or creamy.

Add this to leftover sausage/bacon/turkey/fried chicken/fried steak grease and viola…you have gravy.

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