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Working in the garden...

Papi made us all go down to the garden one evening this past week. We all complained and didn't want to go, but then when we got there and started pulling weeds something happened.

First of all, there is such a sense of satisfaction when you start to see the ground (not weeds) and start to see an area clean.

Second, it soothes the soul to put your hands and feet into the dirt.

Third, it was like a treasure hunt because we began to find onions and potatoes we had missed from the previous harvest. Then we noticed there were jalapeños, bell peppers, and tomatoes ready to be picked. Then we saw that many of the apples were ready!

How fun to eat food that you grew! (Of course, with God's help).

Even two of Elizabeth's friends helped us. (One of the dangers of visiting us...we think everyone is everyone gets put to work).

However, "Many hands makes light work". How true. Between me, 3 children, 4 nieces and nephews, and 2 friends, we were done in about 40 minutes. Time to play.

Look at all the yummy stuff. Fito grew these purplish tomatoes this year. They are really ugly, but boy, do they taste good.

All washed. The potatoes in a bucket to use for later. Some tomatoes and peppers left for later. Bags of onion, tomato, and peepers ready for the freezer. 

Then on a cold winter day, I pull the bags from the freezer and turn them into salsa. 

I had to add eggs from our chickens. What a great feeling producing your own food. If Fito grows it...I will put it up.

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