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Work, work, work.

My goodness. All I have done for the past three days is work. I always work each day, but these past days have been physical labor.


Saturday, Fito and I went to work on carving the rock. We had bought some new tools and it was amazing. The work went so much faster. These drill tips are diamond carbonite and they cut through the rock as though it was wood. Of course, I am exaggerating, but they sure work a lot better, than what we were using.


We have the main carving done. Now we need to do the fine detail work and finishing and smoothing. Again, our dear benefactor loaded us up with goodies before we left.


We didn't get home until late. All I did was take a shower and then I was going to bed. I then remembered it was daylight savings and we were gaining an hour so we went ahead and watched a movie.


I turned off the satellite almost 2 months ago and then we got Netflicks through the Internet. It is 9 dollars a month for unlimited movies and TV shows and thus far we have really liked it.


Also, our contractor friend called and said we do get the roof tiles free after all. The only problem is they are in the man's driveway and we need to get them before they finish the job. That means the next few days we will be doing nothing but loading tile.


At church, on Sunday, I taught the 3 year olds. While in class, one of the boys announced, "I tooted." I told him he didn't need to say anything. That it wasn't good manners to say anything in public--in front of people. He then very innocently said, "But I tooted. I was only telling you what I did."


I tried to explain that some things are personal and you don't tell other people, but who knows if it got through?




After church, I went home and made Beef Stroganoff and Blonde Brownies with Chocolate Chips. Felipe helped me and he filled up the sugar container and even cleaned and mopped the floor where Papito, our parrot, always makes a mess. And all of that without me asking him to. That is when a parent feels good.


Fito and I then went to get a load of tile. When we got home, we had the children help us unload them. Then did the bed routine, but we ended up telling family stories for about an hour. That is always fun and good for a laugh.


Monday, I got up at 5:15 am and went to pick up donuts for the Spanish Club fund raiser. It looks as though they are going to sell donuts twice a week for the rest of the year.


I then took Felipe to his early morning class. Later, Travis, Rebeca, Elizabeth and I went and got a trailer full of tiles. We asked the guy with the forklift to just load two pallets onto the trailer, but that ended up being a fiasco. He actually bent the side of the trailer, and one pallet lost part of the tiles when it wobbled and we had to clean the pile of broken tiles off the drive way.


From that point on, we simply loaded them by hand. On Sunday, Fito and I had just started loading them straight into the trailer when we noticed the front of the trailer was too low. We had too much weight in the front and in a trailer you always want the weight over the tires. We ended up having to move about one third of the tiles.


One of the tires also picked up a nail so I had to get it repaired on Monday. All in all, we got three loads Monday. I took Felipe out of school at 1:30 pm to help us with the second load, and we had Fito and David to help with the third. While we were unloading the second load, Felipe went in the house and made two pizzas for supper.


These tiles are clay and an adobe color. They are a beautiful tile. Our house will look so good, when one day, it has a tile roof. Anyway, that is what I keep telling the children to keep them motivated. I also told them that to think of it as lifting weights and they are getting buff!


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