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Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt...counting one's blessings

It is Valentine's Day and Rebeca and I have planned some adventures.


Yesterday, Rebeca and I went shopping first and found some inexpensive gifts for each person at home. We then came home and wrapped each one in a bag, cut out a heart, wrote their name on it and taped the heart to the gift.


We then put the gifts in different rooms and places. Next we took cards and wrote clues as where to go for the next gift.


They were really simple such as:


On a table of glass-

Is a package for a woman of class.


On the piano in a room-

Is a package for va va voom.


On the couch in the playroom-

Is a'd better make room.


One more package for the man of the house-

Look on your bed under a blouse.


There were 9 cards all together and we had candy hearts on the floor leading to the first clue.


Check out my HOME page for this month. I talked about some of the fun things we do to bring unity into our home.


This "Treasure Hunt" activity is a really fun and quick way to bring love into the home and you do not need to spend a lot. Some of our gifts last night were: a used book (from Half Price books), a note book, a calender (which was just $2 since it is time to but stuff...for Valentine stuff for next year tomorrow when it is half price).


A water bottle, some candy, and so on. In the past, I have even used home made treats, cards, or gifts when we simply did not have any money.


We are making Valentine's Day cupcakes. We made Red Velvet cupcakes and Rebeca has been decorating them all morning. Sprinkle hearts, gummy worms coming out of the sides, lying in grass (green frosting), candy hearts, and so on.


We are also making a Mississippi Mud Cake (which the girl who is living with us wanted to make). I will add the recipe later.


We are also making a ham, potatoes, and veggies for dinner.


This past week has been a repeat of many more previous weeks; cleaning, laundry, work, tasks, and life in general.


We did do our taxes, but that was so disappointing it makes me want to cry. The new Alternative Minimum Tax really hurt my mom and previous year's deductions just did not make the cut.


She owes quite a bit in taxes which is not what we were expecting. We will have to use our refund to pay her taxes, plus come up with some more...


...which means we will not have extra money to pay some bills.


(Deep sigh) BUT...thank goodness, we have the refund to help. Count your blessings.


Then the day after finding out about the taxes, I ran into a long-time friend that i had not seen in a year or more.


As she started to catch me up on her life, my tax dilemma became less and less significant.


Her husband had broken his back, a close friend of her's-- parents had been murdered in a home burglary, her husband had endured overwhelming problems at his work, plus she shared more problems and trials they had .


My perspective did a 180. We enjoy good health. We both have employment. We have been blessed with so much in so many ways.


Attitude or one's perspective is an amazing quickly it can change when we simply are grateful. May we all be blessed to see the beauty in our lives and to remember to be thankful for all our blessings; great and small.





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