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Using Leftovers.

With 9 children and various in-laws and friends over all the time...I cook a lot. However, day-to-day, I do not always know how many will come, so I end up with leftovers quite a bit.

Through the years, I have learned how to take that dried food that you really do not want to eat, and turn it into something yummy.

See the yummy chicken and veggies that my husband made?

We also made rice this night that is called casamiento (which is marriage in Spanish), as there is rice and beans together. Which is an easy way to get rid of a small amount of leftover beans.

If you notice closely, there is also leftover scrambled eggs mixed in the rice.

Now, see the leftover chicken after several one wants to eat it now.

Here is some leftover Spanish corn that was also in the fridge...looks pretty bad...huh?

Now, I get out a soup pan and put some water on to boil.

I then add the leftovers to the water. I deboned the chicken and added all the leftover veggies from the chicken, the leftover corn, and there was some leftover rice, too.

I also added some cilantro, some chicken bullion, a can of mixed vegetables, salt, pepper, a little dehydrated onion, a little garlic, and presto! Look!

If I have celery or tomato, etc. I might cut up some and add it. Cabbage, leftover vegetables, beans...anything really. Be creative. Yes, occasionally, what I have invented has ended up going to the chickens. But each year I get better at this.

Remember, water rehydrates food. Dehydrated food only needs water to reconstitute, and leftovers have usually only dried water works miracles. 

I have had meat so dry it looks like jerky, but after some time in boiling water, it becomes soft, juicy, and tender again.

This was very yummy soup! Amazed?

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