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Update on Maria and baby.

The picture with the hands are Travis and his father's hands. 3 generations!


Maria and Alexander Michael are doing well. His heart rate dropped several times during the night, but now the nurses are wondering if it was just the electrodes being loose as he has done incredibly well today.


I just spoke with Maria and she just fed him a whole bottle. This is the first time he took the whole bottle.


They usually give him part of the bottle and then have to give the rest through a feeding tube.


Fito's sister, Maria Elena, (yes...the same name as our Maria Elena...they were born on the same day) was in Dallas last week because of a niece being married.


She went ahead and stayed here to be with Maria and will fly home on Sunday.


Matthew and Gabe (our nephew) will move out tomorrow. They are getting an apartment with Benjamin in OKC.


We will then clean up and disinfect the room and Maria and baby will come and stay with us for a few weeks until they are ready to go home.


Elizabeth and Rebeca can hardly stand it. They want to see and help take care of the baby. you have to be 16 or older to see him at the hospital so they are anxious.


I know the boys, too, are happy, but not the same as the girls. Wow! A real living doll! A girl's dream come true!


Just wait until they see how much work a baby really is...hum...maybe this will hep them make good choices as they grow up.


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