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Update on Maria...


It is 8:25 pm and it has been a long day. Maria is only a 7 after over 40 hours of labor. There have been plenty of ups and downs today.


It is so frustrating what has occurred today. Since she is 34 weeks, that is considered borderline. They would not do anything to stop the labor, but at the same time, they would not do anything to help it either.


She stayed at a five for more than 12 hours and it was extremely frustrating.


The contractions are coming stronger now and it appears that she is progressing well now. It only took her an hour and a half to go from the 6 to the 7.


She has opted to go with an epidural...I have mixed emotions...I believe it is better to not have it, but she has not slept in 3 days and is really tired. She did get a nap this afternoon for an hour and that really energized her and she did really well after that.


Right now, it is just wait and see. We still do not even know for sure how healthy their little boy is or what to expect when he shows up this early.


I have done a lot of work on the computer today in between times and so it all around has been a good day!

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