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Up and down...


What a roller coaster of a week. I had extreme moments of joy and extreme moments of frustrations. But such is life. One evening, I was alone in the house which is very rare and I was just crying and so I went to the computer and looked up the music to a new song I wanted to learn.


I had seen the sheet music in our church’s magazine and I had tried to pick it out on the piano, but I am not very good at that.


I did find it on YouTube and the music was incredible. I went from being sad and frustrated to feeling peace, comfort, and joy. What a great blessing music is, especially, inspirational music.


I think we all feel the same way. It is although the world is closing in on us. Demanding more and more of our time, talents, and resources. We have more paper work to do. More required at work. More taxes to pay. More to do and less energy and time wherewith to do it.


It has taken me many years to learn to say no. I used to have a really hard time saying no and I would find myself leading a project at work, being the room mother at school, coaching and refereeing my children’s sports, taking meals to shut ins, cleaning someone’s house, and on and on.


All of these things are good pursuits; however, there is only one me. It took years of neglecting some of the really important things (myself and my family) when I finally realized through a bitter moment in my life that while there are many good things to do, I must devote myself to doing the things that have eternal significance.

And each person must choose for themselves what those things are.


Right now, I am in a GED class at the college (they are taking a test). One of the teachers died unexpectedly and they needed a teacher at the last moment so I told the director I would take the class this semester.


It has been a unique experience. This class is the lowest testing level they have. I have class members that are from really difficult circumstances. They are from broken homes, raised in poverty, some are on probation, some have already served time, some had to drop out because they had to work to help their families, and yet- they each have reached a point where they have the desire to better themselves.


They are a great class and it is so neat when you see the “light come on”- when they grasp a concept or they understand what went wrong in a math problem…teaching is such a difficult, yet rewarding career.


Enough of that. The girls and I went out on Friday. We went shopping until our feet hurt, and then out to eat. We have so much fun when we are together. My husband is my best friend, then my children. When they are little and all you do is laundry, dishes, and diapers the years seem to never end. Then all of a sudden you have these wonderful friends that you can talk to, do stuff with, and just be yourself with them. What a blessing!




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