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Tornado hits our back yard!

This will be a short blog as we need to get on the road. We are headed home. We still had four more days planned, but a tornado/high winds hit our property last night and we need to get home to take care of things,


Apparently, our home is okay, some damge to siding and roof, but it turned east and lifted up a huge tree and dumped it on Fito's work shop, plus the roof is missing. The trampoline is gone...our neighbor said there are springs all over their yard. The chicken coop, the horse shed, the turkey pen, the rabbit shed are all destroyed.


We lost several large old trees, including a beautiful river birch down by the lake and a wonderful apple tree.


Fito had bought a green house and was putting it together. Maria said the panels were all over the yard and are all broken. The roof turbines are lying in the yard and several bushes that Fito just planted are up-rooted. There is debris and branches all over the lawn. There was large hail so who knows what our vegetable garden looks like. Maria didn't say.


The fort was picked up and tossed onto the pile of roof tiles we have, breaking tile. Metal was torn off the car port and it look like there was hail damage to Fito's truck, the cars, and other things. I guess we won't know the whole extent until we get home, move some of the downed trees, and start cleaning up.


We are looking at the weather right now and the whole journey back home is tornado and thunderstorm weather. I thought maybe we could go the northern route, but it appears the bad weather is throughout the whole midwest and will be for the next 2 days.


We are just going to head home and pray, pray, pray. We will listen to the radio so we can take shelter if we need to.


We did have an absolutely perfect day yesterday in Palmyra, New York seeing church historical sites. We also saw Niagra Falls yesterday, where we are at right now.


I went to get groceries last night in Tony's car and I did something wrong when I locked it. Then when I went to open it, the alarm went off and I could not get it to turn off. I did not have my cell phone, but 2 ladies helped me. They could not get the alarm off either. I borrowed their phone and called Tony and he told me what to do.


At least I was able to start it and drive, but then the alarm came back on. I simply drove to the motel as it wasn't far away and then Tony came out, did one simple click on the control and it stopped!! Why did it not stop for me or the ladies?? It is very embarrassing to drive a car that is blinking lights, honking, and alarm blaring.

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