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I picked up some pictures this morning of the destruction on our property to have for the insurance adjuster. Oh my goodness! No wonder I am so tired.


All the driving was tiring, and then we came home to constant, non stop physical hard manual labor...which I do prefer to sitting in a car for long periods, but nonetheless has made me TIRED.


Monday was Memorial Day and we had had other plans, but us and about 300 people from our church spent the day helping others.


A crew was sent to our home first and they helped us finish some of our messes and then we went into the neighborhood and helped others. It was a long hard day, but extremely gratifying.


We went to eat at the shelter and then someone told us they were feeding volunteers at a home. We went there and the damage was horrifying. It was a ranch that had horses and most of the horses had gashes on them.


There was still debris everywhere and hours and days of cleanup. Yet the family was feeding the volunteers to thank them for the work already done. Many of their trees had been lost, and many of the buildings damaged. Lots had been cleaned up, but there is still lots to do.


We had a great meal and were headed home when he stopped to help a family that was loading their belongings in a trailer to move them to storage. The top of the house was lifted up and dumped in the front yard. You could stand in the middle of the living room and see all of the sky.


We helped them take one load and told them that another day we would help them finish. They, as well as us, were just too tired to do more.


I had been up since 4:30 am. I had worked on the book we are trying to finish and then I had cleaned my mom's area, and then had gone to a neighbor's home to help make cinnamon rolls for the volunteers. I then had picked up a load of donated goods and delivered them to the volunteers to hand out to the families they went to help.


All of this before I even started working outside all day.


I went back to work on Tuesday, the 31st and was so tired I had a really hard time being effective. I feel as though my head was in a fog all day. I did some errands after work, then came home. We had Ramon Noodles last night as I was too tired to cook.


I took Felipe and signed him up for a GED class. We are also going to put him in an ACT class and we will go from there and see what we end up doing.


There was a "teenager" incident so I actually didn't get to bed until 12:30 and was up by 5:30 am. I went to get groceries and came home to do some work. i go teach in a bit, and then will come home and pay bills.

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