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Thunder enjoys a moment of freedom.

Today is Sunday morning. I left off Friday morning. Classes had been cancelled Friday, as well, as the roads were still bad.


I worked on the computer for a while. Then I gathered my and my mom’s tax stuff together and we went to the tax preparer. Fito went with me.


We did some errands first. We needed to go to the bank, go to the feed store, go to the tire place, and such. Just driving from store to store was risky as there were piles of snow where you could be caught and most businesses did not have their parking lots plowed.


At the tire place, the tire guy said the tire that had gone flat was shot and Fito had him look at the other tires as well as we will be taking the Suburban to New York in May. Just as we suspected, we need all new tires. ( I want to add that about one month ago the same gentleman found a tire for my mom’s car for only $30…he said someone had wanted new tires and this one was still in pretty good shape and would serve me for about 8-9 months as I don’t drive Mom’s car that often).


His supply truck had not made it in yet due to the snow and ice. He said to come back later to see if he had the tires.


We went on to the tax preparer, which is on the north side of Oklahoma City. We were there about 2 and ½ hours. She finished ours, but I have to go back for my Mom’s.


We then went to eat out at a Chinese Buffet. It has been so long since we ate out. It was a real treat.


It had been snowing in Newcastle when we left that morning, but not in OKC. Now it was snowing there. We headed for home.


We stopped at a Walgreen’s because their marque said the milk was 2.67 a gallon. Not as cheap as Sam’s, but still better than the $3 something elsewhere.


We also stopped at a home where we had purchased a birdcage (found them on Craigslist) earlier in the week. They had another birdcage Fito wanted to look at. He decided against it and we headed for home.



The snowfall was now going sideways, but not heavy and it was around 5 pm so we hit traffic. It was slower than usual for the bad roads and we didn’t make it back to Newcastle until 6:00. The tire person said to come back in the morning as he now had the tires.


We got home, Fito dropped me off, and then he went to a neighbor’s (who raises birds) to look at a birdcage he had for sale. He picked up the cage, but as he came home, the bad tire slipped in the snow, he lost control, and ended up stuck in the same place where I had been stuck Thursday morning.


It had snowed quite a bit more in Newcastle than OKC. I believe probably another 2-3 inches were put on the 6-8 already out there.

Saturday morning while I was marking the Bible. (I lost my new one…I almost had everything marked and it has been several months since I have seen them. In my Mom’s room, I saw my Dad’s old Bible so I took it and am marking it now).


Fito went and dug himself out and went to the tire place. We just replaced two of the tires right now and will replace the other two a little later. (which means another check) like most of you have to do…although, I remember when we were first married and it was one tire at a time and that was a used tire!


We all went outside then and started to clean out a path in our driveway. Our drive is gravel and is about 300 feet long. It is sloped lower than the sides so the wind channels the snow right into the drive.


We actually shoved to the side on one of the slopes where there was less snow. It still was about 18 inches deep on the sides and we had lots of snow to shovel. It was 40 yesterday and it felt like 70. We weren’t wearing coats and had fun.


Elizabeth and Rebeca made snowmen. They went sledding, had a snowball fight. Fito climbed up on the roof where they were working and shoveled all the snow and ice off the tarpaper. Hopefully, that way, it won’t leak and ruin the ceiling.


I usually am not afraid of him doing anything, but with the ice under the snow I was afraid he would slip. The children were making fun of me because I was worrying. Maria said, “Mom, you usually aren’t like this. Why are you freaking out?”


I answered, “Will any of clean my bum when I am old? I need Fito to grow old with me!”


The thing is, I need to add, is that they had been throwing snowballs at him and I was afraid that he would get distracted and slip. I stopped their fun and gave them a lecture.


After we were done there, we shoveled the front walk and then went inside to eat. Maria and David had made three Goulashes about a month ago. One was in the freezer and I had pulled it out last night. That is what we had for supper. Friday, they had been on their own for food.


We were dressed in our Sunday clothes, and just ready to leave when we found out, Thunder, Our miniature horse had gotten out of his pen and had run down the road.


We found him where we usually do. At the back of our sub-division, there is another family who had a horse. He always goes there to visit with that horse…I guess. The only thing is, that as Felipe, David, and Elizabeth would get closer to him. The big horse would run down the fence line, then Thunder would want to be like him so he would take off running, too.


We finally drove to the neighbor, and they sent their son out to hold their horse. I had given Elizabeth some Poppy Seed bread. When she was finally able to get close enough to him that he could smell the bread, he came to her and she was able to grab him.


Fito and I then got ready and went to the church. This was conference weekend (a big regional meeting) and he had an early meeting. I just sat out in the foyer and marked my Bible while he was in his meeting.


We had a break between meetings and we drove to Atwood’s to pick up some horse feed and rabbit pellets. We then went to Braum’s Ice cream store for treats (and to buy eggs).


When it is this cold the chickens don’t lay as much. We have only been getting one to two eggs per day. Braum’s was out of eggs.


We went back to the church for the adult meeting and it was incredible! They had a string musical number that was superb! It is amazing how music can elevate the soul so quickly and powerfully.


After the meeting, we went to Wal-Mart for eggs. No eggs (they said there was a Statewide shortage) plus they had many empty shelves. Supply trucks haven’t made it in due to the weather…(which is why you NEED FOOD STORAGE). See my ideas for getting started!


Well, I noticed that they had Betty Crocker Brownie Mix on sale for $1 a box (which is really cheap). I bought what they had left, which was 76 boxes. One of my secrets…stock up on a nonperishable item when you find it on sale.


We then went to Love’s to see if they had eggs. No. Then we stopped at Shell. (Love’s and Shell are on the way home). Shell did..yea!


Therefore, I bought 6 dozen since I do not know when everyone will have eggs again and I wanted to make homemade ice cream after church.




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