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The tree house, gardening, and perfect weather.

The minute Xander gets to Grammy Tammy and Papa Fito's house- It is outside, down the path, and straight to the tree house

(or chasing chickens)








































They jump off this level and land on the trampoline or they grab the rope, swing out and around, hit the tree with their feet and swing back. Sometimes, they grab the other rope, then swing out.


These 2 ropes together are really one rope in a pulley with a seat and they can

pull themselves up.


The trampoline somehow got out of whack when the big boys were last here....hummmm...who know what they were doing? Guess will have to invest in new one pretty soon.


We had this blue high pressure water pipe in Houston. Fito put it down here by the tree house and the toddlers just love it. They crawl through it and think they are in a jungle or spies...or who knows what.


He added the hammock and we brought a bench down and people love this area. the lake is still full, which is incredible as usually it has dried up part way. The weather has been just absolutely perfect all summer. I think God knew Oklahoma needed a break after the horrible tornados in May and has kept the weather good as people rebuild.



Fito has been putting cedar siding on the "house" part and putting insulation on the inside. If we had money to buy more wood, he would have finished by now. he has been doing other project and we even are getting tomatoes, peppers, and watermelon from the garden.


We just finished weeding all the gardens this morning. I think it is the second time this summer that there wasn't a garden that needed weeding. What a great feeling!










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