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The Spanish Diet

Yesterday, I was finally able to edit my website as you can see by the new homepage.


Also, check out the Sweet Breads link. I just put my Poppy Seed recipe on there. It is the second most popular recipe of mine. I make it for fund raisers, for church dinners, to just give away, etc. It is a really good recipe; easy to make, not fattening (without the glaze), and yummy in the extreme!


I make a different sweet bread each week (more recipes to come) for my family. This gives us something sweet to snack on without buying junk. Homemade snacks are healthier, cheaper, and usually have less fat, sodium, and least my recipes do.


I spent most the day on the computer yesterday, except when I took my mom to her hair appointment and I also took her out to eat. It is really funny, because when she eats out, she wants Gringo food. Poor lady, I mainly cook Italian and Spanish and she prefers stuff like roast, pork chops, etc. So I take her to an American Home style restaurant.


But then I am sitting there thinking...people are paying for this food that is going to give them a heart attack? The food I cook: I have been very careful to choose recipes and foods that are not fried, that are healthy and inexpensive.


Try my Spanish diet. Use these recipes for a couple of weeks. Your food budget should go down, as well as your weight!


Last night, I taught a cooking class. I showed some Spanish ladies how to make sweet breads. They were so surprised just how easy it is. One lady kept saying, "It's so fast. How easy! I didn't know you could do it so quickly!"


I am in the middle of Pride and Prejudice. Wow, what a lesson in parenting...Her father giving up and rationalizing over Lydia. Even so with his marriage. I could see many aspects of that in society today. Made me really ponder and think.

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