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The roller coaster called life.

Oh my goodness. It has been months since I blogged, but my life took me on a roller coaster ride and it hasn’t paused long enough for me to get off and write about anything. We went to Padre Island, Texas for several days in August and had a wonderful time.

When we came back home, school was starting and there were so many things to do to prepare. Also, my mother had been getting weaker and weaker and was requiring more of my time. Then she became bedridden and I thought she had just gotten the flu or something. It then became obvious that she was close to death, but I kept hoping that she would pull through. She died the end of September.

A funeral, family coming, taking her to Texas to bury her, organize and sort her things and so forth.

Then Ashley went into labor and Michael was born. Both Ashley and Michael had difficulties, but are fine now.

Then Tony got back from Afghanistan and announced his engagement and wedding on November 8 in Seattle, Washington. I am doing the cooking for the reception (about 200 people) and a family dinner (about 50 people) after the wedding. I have been busy sending invitations, figuring out all that we need to do, tickets, etc.

And then we are driving back his fiancé’s car from Washington to Oklahoma. So I have been planning that trip. I plan to go south down through California to avoid snow…and to see the Redwoods…then go through Arizona (the Grand Canyon) and we will see what else we end up doing. Fito, David, Elizabeth, Rebeca, and I are flying out, then the 3 children and I will drive back. Poor Fito has to fly back to go to work.

Then of course, by then it will be time for Thanksgiving and Christmas and possibly a reception here in Oklahoma. Whew!! No wonder I’m tired.

Now, I will go back to the beginning and give more details in the next few blogs.

Padre Island is a great vacation spot. The beach and ocean are great. Soft, fine sand and miles of beach. We stayed at a hotel that had access to the beach which was wonderful. We went on a dolphin watch and saw some dolphins, but it was so hot that day and it took quite a while for the ship to find the dolphins…Maria’s boys were getting bored, but then had fun.

I can only go to the beach early in the morning or around sunset or I will burn to a crisp bright red. Then I blister, peel, and am just as white all over again, so there is absolutely no reason to try to tan. It is simply impossible.

One morning, Fito and I arose at 4:00 AM. We went to the beach and were the only ones there. It was perfectly black and no light from the dawn was there. The stars were hanging low in the sky over the ocean. The moon was glowing, Venus was brilliant and barely above the waves and the big dipper looked like it was going to scoop water up out of the ocean.

We saw some falling stars, a soft, salty breeze was blowing gently on us and the sound of the waves was reassuring and constant. It was profoundly spiritual, God affirming, and romantic all at once.

There is always something powerful in the wee morning hours right before dawn. It is as if the whole world has gone to sleep, evil has drifted off, and God lets you know he is still in control. I always feel close to him when I am awake at this time.

The next day, Maria and the girls and cousins went to the beach early. They saw the sunrise and had a blast swimming so early before the crowds come and ruin the beauty.

We then drove back to Houston (not wanting to leave the beach and ocean) but wanting to go to Houston to see our grandbabies; which are beautiful, too.

A great trip and a needed break.

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