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The Cooking Queen

Share For Thanksgiving this year, I did something completely new. I made a Spanish turkey, a ham, and Pupusas. I have never made Pupusas for Thanksgiving, but we had three sets of missionaries coming and they wanted Pupusas.


I had made everything earlier in the week and we had had Pupusas that night for dinner, then I saved the rest for Thanksgiving.


I also took a can of crushed Pineapple and about 1/2 cup of brown sugar and added that to the water (I always add about 1 inch of water to the pan) when I bake a ham. That way, it does not dry out.


We also made 20 pounds of mashed potatoes. That's right...two 10 pound bags of potatoes. We never have enough potatoes, so this year I decided to make extra. (21 people for dinner).


The evening of Thanksgiving, I made some of it into Potato Soup for my Mom.


We also had peas and corn, French bread, and bolillos (I did not make rolls this year) concession for having to make Pupusas...


I did not make any desserts, except about 20 loaves of Poppy Seed bread. I bought several different things from Sam's really it all evened out as far as the cooking went.


We had everyone at home, except Douglas and his family. They were thinking of coming, but Ary, his wife is expecting and she has really been sick. Sickness and seven hours in a car do not mix.


At one point, we were going to Houston, but I could not leave Mom and i really could not afford to take off work. I worked 3 hours on Friday and I had moved my Thursday classes to Monday so as to lose hours.


It was a wonderful weekend. I was going to work on some new trainings I am putting together, but instead I started wallpapering a room (I had bought the wall paper almost a year ago), and then Saturday, Fito, Tony, Rebeca, and I went to the Flea market.


I finished wall papering on Monday and we worked until late redecorating the room and moving things around. Fito, even did more yesterday and it came out incredible!


We have a collection of hats and we hung them on the top of two walls like a border. We also put a cow skin on one wall. And Fito even hung up some of the stained glass lamps that we had brought from Kansas (almost 4 years ago) that we finally used.


I also hung up a large mirror that a friend had given me and Fito hung up some lassos, some deer heads with antlers, some machetes, etc. It is a mixture of cowboy, oriental (one wall is all oriental) classy, etc.


Fito and I have our own decorating style which is different from anything else. I will take pictures and put them on soon.


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