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Tammy rants about her roof not being done...why does remodeling or construction have to be so stress

Well it is early in the morning and I cannot sleep for all the stuff that is going through my mind. I keep telling myself that those things aren't important- that I need sleep- but my mind refused to listen.


I finally got up, did some cleaning, looked at politics on-line for awhile and then decided I might as well Blog for awhile.


Life just keeps getting busier and busier. Some of it is good busy, but some of it is irritating busy.


The irritating part is that the roof is still not finished and the roofer (again for the umpteenth time) has informed us that he needs another type of flashing. So now I have to do another special order, wait on it, and that means waitng on that section of the roof.


Another thing that has really been bothering me (and I keep telling myself to just let it go) is that while we were in Houston awhile back, the stucco guy finished one of the arches on the front of the house.


I had left a drawing of how I wanted it done and he made the arch much larger than I wanted. When I came back, I questioned him on it, and he said he had done it my way, but that it did not look good, so he then made it higher and larger.


He thought that looked better, so he finished it. It was done when we got home.


My husband said to just leave was not make him tear it out and redo it, but it has bothered me ever since.


First of all, it is so high it almost is to the roof line and I never intended for it to be that high. Second, I never even got to see it the way I had drawn it...the way I intended it to be.


It justs frustrates me that I am the home owner, I am the one paying the bill. I asked specifically that it be done a certain way, and then while we were gone he did it his way.


I finally decided this morning, when I could not sleep-- that what I would do-- is take a picture of the front of the house with the arch. Then find someone who is really good with photoshop and have them change the photo so I can see how the arch would have looked the way I wanted.


Then, if that is better, I am going to insist that he come back and change it. We still owe him the last little bit, therefore, he would have an incentive to come and correct it.


Another thing that has bothered me, is the fact that these workers are so messy. We have spent hours cleaning up after them. I already told both crews that I am deducting from their final pay, costs for cleaning up.


Usually, they hire crews to come and clean and take the stuff to the dump. Fito has been taking all the loads to the dump and paying for it..


It would be okay (that we are doing the cleaning) except for the point that both crews are complaining about having to pay...and even worse...both crews promised me that they would clean up after themselves...DAILY...a requisite of getting the bid in the first place.


Our house is coming out so lovely, but my stress level is beyond what it should be. I want these people gone. (We have had workers here, almost everyday since May 24th, I do not know how many meals I have made, how many trips to pick up stuff, how many things I have had to research)). I do not want workers on my property everyday, nor using my bathroom, etc. I am tired of the whole mess.


I look at my neighbor, whose whole house was destroyed by the tornado. They are living in a 5th wheel (a trailer) and are just starting the process of rebuilding their home. My heart goes out to them.


At least they were smart enough to put a port-a-potty for their workers.


The other day, I was in the bathroom when I heard someone in the hallway calling me. It was the foreman who had come in to ask me a question. He had come all the way to the back of the house to ask me a question!?


Why didn't he just call me?


Well, now that I have ranted on and on...I do want you to know that I am thankful we had insurance, and I am thankful we were able to stucco and reroof the house. That I am happy for the stucco that I do not have to paint, and I am thankful we had enough money to do the whole house.


It is a blessing in disguise. And I do not have cancer, am not sick, not going through something horrible, and so guess I can put up with the workers awhile longer until it all is done.

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