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Tammy rants.

Rebeca, David, and Elizabeth stayed home from school today, and yesterday we did not go to church as they had come home from Dallas so late on Saturday night and were complaining of sore throats, plus Rebeca had a fever.


Well, we just got back from the doctor and all three have strep throat.


They won't be going to school tomorrow, either. A friend told me that the schools are having a huge outbreak and are even telling the students to stay home if they have any symptoms. I don't think our school would do that. They want the students there come rain or high water.


The state, last year, passed truancy legislation, but our school has gotten carried away with it. Talk about bureaucratic red tape, teachers doing paper work instead of teaching...(they make the teacher call the parents...) and increased health care costs! (they want you to have a doctor's note for each absence, so now we go to the doctor for every little virus, bug, and cold.


It also usurps parental authority and I seriously doubt that it will change truancy or drop out rates as those parents don't care in the first place and will simply sign to let their child drop out, rather than have the school or court pester them.


Do these legislators ever think of the consequences of the laws they pass?


I will get off my soap box now. I made cookies yesterday. I did not bake them all yesterday, and saved the dough. I just baked some more. Hot, chewy, home-baked cookies can get rid of any evil (just about).


I also made beef stroganoff and there is enough left over that we will have it for tonight.


I worked on my website this morning and also did laundry. I made a batch of homemade laundry detergent. Boy, does it save money and really isn't that hard to do. I found out that if you leave the bar of soap out and let it dry out first, that it is easier to grate.


It snowed some today. It was really pretty, but most of it has melted. I also went to the library for my mom, put in gas, and cleaned.


Yesterday, in the early morning, I couldn't sleep. Therefore, I got up and went and cleaned my mom's area. Changed the bedding, dusted, hung up clothes, etc.


It really was needed. My mom is like a teenager and says there is no reason to put stuff away as you are just going to use it again. Or she says she's too old to change or that she's too old for me to tell her what to do.


I do have to admit, it is hard being a mother to your mother, but it is necessary, and I guess just another stepping stone in the path we call life.



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