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Strep Throat

This week has been frustrating in that the children are sick. I had Rebeca, David, and Elizabeth home Monday and Tuesday. Felipe got sick Tuesday night. I took them all to the doctor, yesterday, and they are all home today.


Rebeca and David both have rashes from the strep throat, however, Rebeca's is really bad and is bothering her quite a bit.


My mom still hasn't recovered from her sickness and I am just hoping she doesn't get strep.


We really haven't accomplished anything as I don't feel like making them work, although they have continued with the necessary chores such as dishes, animals, etc.


Elizabeth and Rebeca just want me to sit by them and David and Rebeca slept with me last night.


Fito left for El Salvador on Tuesday and will be gone about a week. He has not been to his country for 22 years. The last time he went was just after Matthew was born.


We intended to go one year and even had the money saved, but it was the year that El Salvador had the terrible earthquake so we ended up going to Tampico, Mexico which is beautiful.


I still want to go someday and see my husband's country and see all the places which I have heard about all these years, but someone has to stay and hold the fort down.


The way I see it, Rebeca will graduate from High school in 11 years. I will be 61 by then and then maybe we can go places. However, my mom will be 90 by then. And I really think she will make it as she has no major health concerns.


Perhaps, some day, one of the older children will be able to come and stay and let us go, but Fito and I are very wary of leaving. Almost each time we have gone away for the weekend, something has happened. From backed-up septic tanks (ask Matthew about that ordeal) to Benjamin being life-flighted to Wichita, Kansas and us not knowing if he would even live for me to make it to him to say goodbye.


He did live, but lives with Type I diabetes. Another time, a baby got sick, another time, a child had an earache, one trip; a neighbor's dog killed the chickens...should I go on? I guess when you have this many children, your mom living with you, and so many animals, there are just too many things that can go wrong.


But there is also much happiness that surrounds us and I can sure be happy that my children are sick with strep and not a stomach virus. That is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

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