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Still Frustrated

I still cannot edit my website. I have some new recipes, photos, etc. to share. Tony has a really neat photo of him and the West Point Glee Club at the Yankees playoff game. They sang the National Anthem for the game.


Yesterday, I taught Felipe (age 15) his religious class before school. He is supposed to go to the home of someone else for the class, but getting him out of bed at 5:30 am is akin to holding back lava or something impossible. I have poured water on him, put ice in the bed, taken his covers and pillow, grabbed his legs and pulled (extremely unsuccessful) and more. He is physically big and tall enough now, that any type of physical persuasion is not feasible.


However, the thought of sleeping another hour and not having to ride the bus...(I told him if he went to seminary (our name for this class) that I would drive them to school each day) far is working.


I then worked on the computer for awhile.  I have to do a IRB report on my dissertation for the institution where I did my research. I had changed emails since I first started and as the email was the user name it would not let me log in. Then as the email was an old one, emailing the info, of course, wouldn't work either. I finally had to contact the administrator and have her go in and reset the email, i.e., user name.


And we wonder why it seems that we don't accomplish things one day when we get stuck in electronic or paperwork gooblygook stuff?


I then went to teach my computer class, which is in Spanish. Well, at the end of class, one of the ladies asked me when we were going to start the Internet as we are learning WORD right now. I went to check the schedule and realized I wasn't even to have taught yesterday. The schedule for this week had me teaching Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with Wednesday off. They were supposed to do keyboarding yesterday.


I was sooo embarrassed. My supervisor had not even said anything when I showed up. He was probably thinking, "Wow, she has a PhD, but she doesn't know how to read a schedule!"


I took David, Elizabeth, and Rebeca to look for some jeans. The girls are fun to shop with as they like to look for stuff and don't mind trying on clothes, etc. David and Felipe are impossible to shop with. They complain the whole time, do not want to try on clothes, want to go home. I told Fito that from now on he can take the boys when they need something!


I was just going to have leftovers, last night so I didn't cook, but then I came in from picking up David and Felipe had made pizza. Yea! I keep the crusts in the freezer (Sam's sells already made crusts by the their Deli area) and then I buy cheese, pepperoni, and sauce from Sam's, too. That way almost any age child can throw together a pizza to eat when they want.


I took the boys to scouts last night and while waiting for them (I can hardly wait until Felipe turns 16) was reading Pride and Prejudice. I haven't read for fun for quite some time. We watched the DVD about two Friday's ago and I thought, I need to read that. It is interesting to read a book when you're older than from when you read it as a teenager.


I see so much more now to the relationships, the deception, the manipulation, the pride; the types of pride and the many ways it manifests itself, the prejudices that we have. Very interesting stuff. I find myself asking questions such as: What prejudices do I have? Where am I blinded by my pride?


I teach a stereotype's class and each time I teach it, I am amazed at the many prejudices and stereotypes that abound. For example, one kind well-known man stated that he used to be a used car salesman. He said, "I have always had the same personality, the same values; however, when I worked in the capacity of used car sales...people treated me differently. I was the same, but people's perception of me was different.


It really made me wonder about myself and my own perceptions of others.

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