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Still can't edit...Making Tamales

I still cannot edit my website, so the homepage will stay as it is.


I got a plastic container out of the freezer last night that I thought was stew, but it ended up being the meat mixture for tamales. Soooo...I decided I will make tamales today.


I have to teach a class this morning and when I get back I will mix the masa and then put together the tamales and then cook them. These are tamales from El Salvador, not Mexico. Tamales from El Salvador are larger and have meat, potatoes, and garbanzos in them. Yum!


I plan to make a video and put it on my site one day showing how to do each step. It isn't that complicated, but I don't think you could do it from a recipe alone. There are things you need to see in order to know how to do it.


We have company coming tonight, therefore, they will get a good traditional El Salvadorian dinner.


A wave of fatigue just hit me. Is it from not sleeping well? Or is it from thinking of tamales to make? Or is it just my age and the amount of work that I have to do each day?


Life ebbs in and out and I find that my energy level does the same. Some days, I just have more energy or passion or enthusiasm than others. It used to bother me when I was younger, but age has helped me to accept many things.

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