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Spring break, spring cleaning, and more tragedy.

Another week or so has gone by and as they say tragedy strikes in threes and it has. Another family in our church lost their wife and mother unexpectedly. We were in Houston for Spring break and Maria called me in the morning.


She told me this woman had passed away. I just couldn’t believe it. Her older children are married, but she still had 13 and 17 –year-old daughters at home. Also, her husband is legally blind and so she did all the driving, paper work and so forth.


He of course is devastated. My heart just goes out to them. She had been struggling with several health issues, and was in the hospital for kidney stones and just passed away quietly and peacefully in her sleep. They now believe she died of a blood clot or perhaps even of heart disease. We haven’t heard anything conclusive yet.


We weren’t back in time for the funeral. We were going to drive back from Houston Monday night, as the funeral was Tuesday morning, but we hit powerful thunderstorm and flash flooding near Dallas so we just went to a cousin’s home and stayed there for the night. It rained and stormed all night. Apparently so in Oklahoma for when we arrived home the lake out back was fuller. Yea!



We needed rain so desperately so rain even with lightning and thunder is welcome. Please more rain. Since the rain, things have really started to green up and it is prettier each day. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. We had company over after church and I made Pupusas. I didn’t quite have enough as the day before we had had company all day for David’s birthday party.


But Fito made scrambled eggs (the chickens are giving us about 18 eggs per day right now) and we still had a big pot of beans and with the Pupusas we had enough food. If you haven’t had beans and eggs together try it. Also add some of the Spanish cream and some fresh cheese. A really good combination.


I remember as a missionary, the first time I went to a home and they served beans and eggs together, I thought, “Beans and eggs?” But, WOW, are they good together.


I also made Poppy Seed bread. I need to take some to one of my bosses to “soften” her up. When I was an adjunct at the college, we found our own substitutes when we needed to miss class….sooo…when I missed class last week I asked the teacher across the hall if he could cover for me and if my class could just go in with his. We set it up; all was fine, until I found out that this supervisor likes to find the substitutes for the classes and really wasn’t too pleased with what I had done.


Oh, the dilemmas of the work place.


We had a wonderful time in Houston. On Friday we went to Moody Gardens and saw the aquarium with seals, penguins, etc. Celeste, our two-year-old granddaughter thought all the sea creatures were great. It is always more fun to go someplace like that with a younger child who delights in seeing all of God’s creations.


We also saw their pyramid that contains a jungle. It was fascinating as my husband knows so much about the animals and plants and it is as if you have your own personal guide because he tells you about so many things.


They also had a 3-D movie about tornados which made me wonder why we were living in Oklahoma? But I already know the answer. Oklahoma has tough weather, but that has created tough people who have good old-fashioned principles, determined self-reliance, and uncommon common sense. Oklahoma is a great place to live because of the people.


We went to the beach for a while after Moody gardens, but by then it really was too chilly and we headed for Douglas’s and Ary’s. They recently just bought a home in Spring (Spring is just north of Houston and Douglas is son number two).


They bought a foreclosed home and got a good deal. Saturday, we put in a patio for them and worked all day.


Sunday, I woke up every 10 minutes from 5 am until 6 am when I decided God was not going to let me sleep in and we had better get up and go to church (their church starts at 8:30 am).


We went to church and there was my sister Shannon from Omaha, Nebraska. She was visiting her children in Houston and her daughter, Jennifer, is in the same congregation that Douglas and Ary just moved to….a small world indeed.


That afternoon, she and I went to visit our brother and his new wife which we had not met, yet. We had a nice visit and it is always amazing how the Lord can take any tragedy and turn it to good. Their marriage is a testament to that.


Monday morning, we left Houston early intending to get on the road quickly, but we kept stopping. We visited Ary’s parent’s store. They have an herbal store and we visited with them (they are always fun to visit) and then we went to eat at a Spanish restaurant.


We then went back to look at a car which Fito had already been looking at. We ended up buying it and that took the rest of the afternoon. The poor children were stuck in the car all afternoon and now we were caught in evening traffic trying to leave Houston.


When we came home, Fito spent the rest of the week working on covering the patio. It is coming out beautiful. It is really going to be nice.


I spent my free days cleaning out drawers and closets. Wow, I did a lot of cleaning and de-cluttered. I probably threw away or gave away about 10 bags of stuff. It is amazing how quickly we can accumulate stuff.


And why we thought all that stuff need to be kept is beyond me, we humans are rather unique when it comes to our stuff,


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