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So sad.

We kicked Maria out, yesterday. It was a hard thing to do, but we are hoping that perhaps not having a car, a debit card, a phone, and etc. That she will realize that perhaps she needs to be out of debt and at least own a car before she gets married.


She spoke to me quite rudely and I reminded her that she was in my home and that no one was going to speak to me like that...especially in my own house. She then said she would call me because I needed to hear what she had to say. I informed her that I would hang up on her and if she wrote it in a letter, I would simply burn it.


I always tell people or my children that when they are calm and can speak politely, then, and only then will we discuss the subject.


This conflict goes back to my etiquette page, and civility in our homes and in society. For years I allowed people (my own family and others) to be uncivil with me. I felt I had to be patient and be a good listener. That if I quietly listened to their rudeness and rantings that they would eventually calm down and listen to reason.


This is foolishness because just as a two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum...the longer they go...the more out of control they become.


One of the greatest human character traits is self-discipline--to be a master of our passions and vices. By allowing someone, no matter their age, to be uncouth or boorish, is unappealing, and simply should not be tolerated.


I remember the first time I finally had the courage to hang up on a family member that was accusing me falsely, and had brought me to tears with their profane accusations.


I felt a relief, a peace, a strength. I reminded myself as a daughter of God, as a person of value and worth, I did indeed deserve to be spoken to respectfully.


People can disagree and still be civil.


I took the children to school then came home and de-boned the chicken I had cooked yesterday.


Parmesan Chicken Pasta


I also put my canner on the stove half full of water. I cooked about 4 pounds of pasta, drained it, and then put it in 2 large and 1 small disposable aluminum pans.


I then sprinkled Parmesan cheese over each pan of pasta. I then added traditional spaghetti sauce, 2 very large spoonfuls of sour cream (probably 2 cups worth), salt, and pepper, then added the chicken to each pan (probably 5 cups).


I stirred it all together, added some of the chicken broth on top.


Then covered each one with foil. I gave two away and have one in the fridge.


I also cut up bell peppers from the garden and canned 6 quarts of peppers: 4 of bell peppers and 2 of jalapeños. I also canned 1 quart and 3 pints of chicken broth.


I had 1 more quart of broth, but the jar cracked just as I put it in the canner. So I had to take very thing out and wash the canner and jars as they were very greasy, then start over.


I then went to get a load of tile. One of our Spanish friends had called and said he didn't have to work so he could go with me to help me. I drove to his house and waited, knocked on the door twice, then finally left a note.


I loaded the trailer myself. The worst part was when I was trying to get the trailer (16 feet long) in the right location I hit a lawn ornament. Now I have to find one for the owner. He was nice about it, though, and did not get mad at me.


When I was on the last section of tile, one of the workers took pity on me and helped me for about 10 minutes. He has no idea what his small act of service meant to me after my already frustrating day.


I drove home and the children unloaded the trailer as school was out.


For supper, I took some of the de-boned chicken (I still have probably 8 cups) and heated it up in the microwave. I also chopped lettuce, chopped cilantro and put it in my salsa and got some Homemade Creme out.


Spanish Cream


1 container of sour cream

Heavy whipping cream



Onion salt

Garlic Powder


Put the sour cream in a plastic container. Add the whipping cream as to beat it with a whisk. Make it thinner than the sour creme, but thicker so it is creamy not runny. Add the garlic and onion, and pepper first, then just enough salt to taste. I usually add white pepper to this and to my cheese sauce so I do not have black specks in each. You can add black, though, if you do not have white.




We had rolls so they made sandwiches. We use the creme instead of mayonnaise. You can also have cut up onion, radishes, cabbage, pickled beets, avocado slices, fresh cheese chunks, hard boiled egg slices, etc. Since the bread is known as Bolillos. The sandwich is also known as Bolillos. The Spanish people in El Salvador eat these at Christmas. They use the Spanish Turkey recipe which is how I had cooked the chicken.


When Fito came home, we went for another load. The Spanish friend also showed up and went to help. He had something else that had come up and hadn't been able to call me.


We loaded the second load 3 times faster. (Many hands make light work!) We came home, did our bed routine,


Just a note: I do have a PhD and here I am loading roof tiles. Is it demeaning work? Well we are getting about 45 squares of a red clay adobe roof tile simply for our labor. Even a low estimate makes that from $4500 to $6000. Very few people make that in a month, let alone a week. My time has been well spent.

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