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Shrimp Dip

Saturday, I got up about 8 and did some stuff on the computer. Then my husband and I got ready to go to a job. He has been carving a rock for a gentleman that lives about an hour and a half from us. We hadn't been there for such a long time.


We had the trailer hooked up, all the tools loaded, were just leaving town when I remembered the plumber was coming today and I had told him I would leave him cash inside the dryer. We made a quick stop to an ATM, drove back home, deposited the cash, told the children he was coming and then left.


When we arrived at the job, we ended up visiting with the gentleman and his wife, and their worker for more than 2 hours. We then helped them load some groceries that were going to help those in need.


This man was a millionaire. However, recently his son had a business and investment that soured and he had to sell many assets (as his name was tied to his son's assets as well) to keep his son and him out of bankruptcy and pay off all the debt. He told me it was 4.7 million dollars. I was flabbergasted. The saddest part is that his son has not shown true gratitude for what his father did for him.


Now this man is in his 80's and still has another business that he runs. He can not even think of retiring as he no longer has the other assets to provide an income. And do you know what he is doing now?


He said the Lord told him to start providing food to those in need. He has already had several give-aways. He brings in a semi load of food and they hand it out on a Saturday. One Saturday alone he handed out food to more than 3500 families and individuals.


He took one of his buildings on his property and is using it and his other resources to provide a food pantry. He loaded up our vehicle with many items. I would guess around $200-$300 worth. We ended up not starting on the rock. We will go next Saturday to work.


We also have another friend in this area and went to visit them. They own a horse farm and are very interesting people. They have some of the top Arabians in the country and have a beautiful place.


We came home and I took David, Elizabeth, and Rebeca trick or treating for Halloween. Rebeca was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Elizabeth was an oriental girl, and David was a ninja. We had lots of fun, but they were tired or bored? after an hour. We went to McDonald's, but I didn't have my debit card (teenagers!?!) in my purse so we instead went to Braum's.


And the plumber never made it to the house. He ended up having problems at his other job. He did come Sunday, though and saw the Poppy Seed bread on the counter and remarked that it was the best bread, so of course, I had to give him and his helper their own loaf.


Sunday, we were singing in church. Matthew and his friends were coming to help. He had a pianist, a flutist, and a violinist. I had just written a note to the leader telling him we couldn't sing unless Matthew showed up when they walked through the door.


My heart was so happy! The song went really well. I gave some of the poppy seed bread to them for their efforts. I also had sent several loaves to Matthew on Saturday as he was having a Halloween party. We also gave some to our visitors at church. They were people we knew from when we livid in Kansas. It is a small world.


I took a flower arrangement to church. Probably this will be my last week. It is getting colder and colder.


After church, Felipe and David wanted Lasagna. I told them I would make it if they helped me. I also made Shrimp Dip and shrimp and rice for Fito.




1 small can shrimp

1 package cream cheese

1 teaspoon onion salt (or use some real onion and salt or onion powder with just a smidgen of salt)


Put all the ingredients in a food processor and blend for about 1 minute.


This is the best dip ever!


We did some laundry and I made everyone come and get their clothes out of the laundry room.


I sat down on the dock for awhile watching Travis and Fito in the paddle boat and canoe hook a chain to stumps in the water which our neighbors were pulling out with a wench. There were some stumps that simply were not going anywhere.



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