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Short video: "Dogs Don't Care If You're Ugly" that have Rebeca and Elizabeth in it. Cute!

During the summer, a friend asked us if the girls could be in a music video they were making for You Tube. Well he sent me the link today and it is rather cute.

If you like dogs, you will think this is sweet.

In the video, Rebeca and Elizabeth are on our dock in our backyard, sharing a secret with the dog between them.

I know that Belle, Rebeca's dog, lives and breathes for Rebeca. Earlier this week, Rebeca spent the night at Maria's and Belle was totally lost without her. She followed me around and moped.

Then the next day, when Rebeca was back, Belle did not let her leave her sight. She was frantic when she went outside. She was so afraid that Beca was going to leave. She even growls at Fito if he is stern with Rebeca.

Enjoy the video:

Oh...and my day started by the handle breaking off the walk-in tub of my mom and her having to sit in there while I tried to find a way to finally get the door to open....LIFE!

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