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Rice- meatballs and vegetable soup, Matthew's birthday, and suprisingly...a great convention.

I have to admit I was wrong about my husband’s business convention. I was sure I was trapped the whole weekend in what would be an irrelevant and boring time. And yes, there were parts that I did find irrelevant to me, but they had brought in some motivational speakers that were incredible.


One in particular, Kyle Maynard, who has a condition known as congenital amputation, was just phenomenal. He doesn’t have lower limbs on his legs nor arms. No hands, just part of elbows. No legs below the knees.


 You can see more of him @




He was just so inspiring. All the things that he has accomplished with the limitations that he has…how could we do less? One’s perspective on barriers or limitations changes and we realize that what we thought we couldn’t do…we really can do.


All week long, I thought about what I could change in order to accomplish my dreams, my goals…but I still have the same dilemma that I always have- time. I try to manage my time better and more effectively, however, something simply has to give.


I simply am doing too many things for too many people. To really meet my goals, I am going to have to begin to say no, and that is always a hard thing to do.


Elizabeth made Beef Stroganoff on Monday. it was her first time to do it completely on her own and she did an incredible job. she did not over cook the pasta which is a common mistake.


On Wednesday, I took some hamburger ( about 2 lbs) and thawed it out, then added 1 cup of uncooked rice, salt, pepper, and 1 teaspoon of dehydrated onion, and 1 teaspoon of garlic and mixed it all together.


I then made ball out of the meat and rice mixture.


Fito had purchased a mix of vegetables: cabbage, red onion, carrot, potato, cilantro, corn on the cob, green onion, celery, ayote (in El salvador they use it green...acorn squash?).


I cut up all the vegetables, put them in water, added pepper and salt, and 2 packages of Sazon goya Natural seasoning. After they were cooked, i added the meatballs one-by-one, and then cooked it until the rice was soft.


Oh my, was this super yummy on a cold day. In fact, I am going to take a break and get a bowl right now!


Matthew’s birthday was yesterday. My number three son turned 25. It hardly seems possible that it was 25 years ago I had my third child, but the first child born at home. What a spiritual experience. It really was one of those life-changing moments that affected my life from that point on.


He invited friends over and Rebeca made strawberry cupcakes for his cake. She put them on a glass platter and we made it like one big cake. It was a cute and fun idea.



















































(Also, if you use an ice cream scoop to put the batter in the pan…it is twice as easy. In addition, let the batter set for about 10 minutes. It will become foamy and not drip as much, making it easier to fill the cups.)


I made black beans and taco meat on Thursday. Then a Spanish turkey and rice on Friday for the party. I also made lemon bars for the party.


We cleaned up part of the house…we didn’t clean as much as I would have liked, but their bedrooms and bathrooms are the cleanest they’ve been in a long time. I was going to work on my website, but I never had the time… (what a lie).


Actually, my nephew, Preston Norton, just published a book, “Blud and Magic,” and



I spent the afternoon in the tub reading and I didn’t even finish it! People came for Matthew’s party and I had to get out and come back to real life…super bummer.


I have not had such a lazy time in who - knows - when. Then my children took the book to Dallas with them… (but I ordered another one, which hopefully will come soon).


I normally do not read paranormal, fantasy, type books. But of course I had to read this one. But it is great. Really good writing. I was impressed and the main thing is that I did NOT want to put it down; the hallmark of a good book.


Maria, Xander, Felipe, David, Elizabeth, and Rebeca left to go to Dallas last night. A mini family trip of 5 siblings and a nephew. They are going to a cousin’s baby shower in Dallas then driving on to Houston to stay with Douglas (another sibling) and his family. All my grandbabies will be together and I will not be there.


Their cousins from Vancouver, Canada will be in Houston this week as well as cousins that live there. A fun trip of family, good food, and love.

I plan to write the whole time they are gone.


This past week, I worked really hard with Rebeca on her math and reading trying to help her along. She does so much better when I can spend one-on-one time with her. I really need to quit work completely, but need to finish paying off some bills first.


Oh well, I am thankful I have work as there are so many who do not at present. We also have some friends who are losing their home in May. It looks as though they will need to live with us until they get settled somewhere else, so another side of me tells me to hang on my jobs for the time being.


On another note: I have so many readers to this blog from all over the world now, that I find myself thinking of them. What is their life like? How many freedoms do they enjoy? How different is their life from mine?


I do know I am blessed tremendously. I also know that each one of us is given specific trials to help us grow. I also know that although material prosperity may elude us, we can prosper as families and individuals as we apply certain principles to our lives.


May each of you be blessed to find those true principles to have peace and comfort through your trials and problems is my hope and prayer.

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