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Quick Enchiladas

Thursday evening, I had a rush of energy and so I made 19 loaves of Poppy Seed bread and cleaned.


Friday, December 10th, I got the children off to school and pulled a Turkey out of the freezer and made a


Tonight, was the Christmas Social at church. Travis and Maria picked up my mom and the children and took them and the food. I heard that it was really good and that the program was really inspiring.


Fito and I went to a Christmas party that my new boss at work was giving. It was really nice. Good food, great conservation. I do not have many opportunities for intellectual conversations and so I relish it when I have the chance.


On Friday, I also finally got my Pupusa recipe on my website. Pupusas are a homemade corn tortilla with a mixture of meat, cheese, and sauce inside. Sort of like a Spanish pizza.


We think they are the best food in the world. The problem is that most people make it too much work. They spend hours making the sauce or tearing apart the meat or try to do it the way their grandma did and simply make it too hard.


I cook the meat then run it through the food processor which is easy. I mix the cheese, sauce, and meat together which is faster than adding each ingredient one at a time.


I found some videos that help explain the process, but all the ones I saw were still too complicated. I told Fito, that over Christmas break, we have to make a video that shows how I do it.


On Saturday, talk about lazy. I finished my book about the Mao Cultural Revolution. Talk about being blessed to live where there is freedom and especially in this time period with so many conveniences. We are so blessed.


I took a long hot bath, sat on the couch in my pajamas, and made some phone calls. I did finally get up and debone the left over turkey from the social and I made two large pans of enchiladas.


However, instead of using tortillas that you fry and dip in the sauce. I mixed the sauce and turkey together. Then I put a layer of turkey (and sauce) on the bottom on the pan. Then a layer of tortilla chips, then another layer of turkey, then chips.


Just as you would make lasagna. Then I poured broth over the layers and put a layer of cheddar cheese on top.


Today, Sunday, December 12, we had a family come to eat lunch with us and then the missionaries came to eat in the evening. We had the quick enchiladas and rice, salsa, and Poppy Seed Bread.


It was all leftovers! The rice I just take my hands and break apart as when it is cold it becomes clumpy. But if you use your hands and crumble it into a plastic container and then heat it up in a microwave it is good as new.


The Poppy Seed Bread, I always leave in the pans until I use it. I just put a towel over the loaves. I found that if I put it in foil or plastic bags the crust gets too soft. The pans keep it soft, but allow the crust to remain crispy.


We played some games and then did our routine.

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