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Productive week.

Saturday, February 12, I made a Spanish turkey, mashed potatoes, and rice. Two Spanish workers were here all day, working on the roof with Fito. After all the snow and ice, it was a gorgeous day of sunny 50-degree weather.


The children helped some outside and some inside. When the guys are here, they eat with us so I made a lot. Saturday night, Felipe went to a church dance that they held at the State Capitol building. He said it was okay. That is the difference between boys and girls. The boys give you generic general information and the girls give you detailed specifics about the whole event.


Sunday, I cleaned my Mom’s area. She was sick on Saturday and I had to clean up a few accidents, but I cleaned the rest on Sunday. She didn’t make it to church, but is doing much better. We built a shower for her that does not have a lip on it, and it has worked really well as she does not have to step into it, but I can clean her well.


Matthew moved back home today, too, and Felipe, David, and I went to go help him. He did not have stuff packed so I grabbed some empty plastic bags and started sticking whatever into the bags. If I had not started doing that, we would’ve been there a long time.


I raised them to know that if they ask someone to come help them move, they should already have everything packed and ready to go…oh well…and it was one of those situations where it was better to not say anything…


We had the missionaries over to eat after church. I just gave them leftovers from Saturday (the turkey and stuff). We did make slushies’ for them and gave them food to take home. I feel sorry for them. I wonder sometimes how often they are fed and especially in all the snow…they said they were about to go stir crazy.


Monday, I woke up at 3:30 am. I went to go sleep on the couch, but that did not work. Finally, at 4:30 am I went to work on the computer. My mind is crazy with all the ideas I am working on right now. In addition, the good inspirational stuff always seems to come when you are half-asleep.


I did lots of work, and then got the children off to school. I went to teach, then came back home and worked some more.


I had my cooking class in the evening and we did homemade flour tortillas. For whatever reason, they did not fluff up in the middle as they   usually do. I was upset, but Fito came home, ate one, and exclaimed, “What a good tortilla”…so I guess they tasted good. I had my class this week at home, as the school stove was not working. It was nice to not have to cart everything over to the school.


Tuesday, I worked all day on the computer and it was as productive as Monday. I did some laundry, made chicken and rice, and a large batch of the small red beans from El Salvador. I did some errands after school and then Rebeca and Elizabeth went with me to buy some groceries.


We are reading aloud as a family, the Glenn Beck book, “The Christmas Sweater.” Last night we came to a sad part and Elizabeth just cried and cried. I was reading it myself and then decided I wanted the children to hear it so I started reading it to them. They really like it and we read one or two chapters each night before we read the scriptures.


Last night in the middle of the night, I was first awakened by my Mom who went to the kitchen to eat, then Matthew who came in waaay too late. I spoke with him for a while and then went back to bed. I awoke early, did some exercises, and then took the children to school after getting ready.


I went to teach my class then came home and have had another very productive afternoon. I am on a roll right now and the ideas are just coming and going together very smoothly. I need to work some on the website, but these training sessions take precedence. (I am paid for them).


The weather is perfect. I should hit the mid 70’s today and it is sunny. It was super foggy this morning and it took me twice as long to go to work as there were accidents and I had to detour and drive so slow.


One of the Spanish sisters just called and there is a dance and social for the whole family, Saturday night. I am so glad! I will need to dance after sitting in front of this computer all week!


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