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Parenting Young Adults

Thursday started at 5:15 am. I went to pick up the donuts for the fund raiser and they weren't ready. There had been some problems and so I had to wait. That of course made me late in getting Felipe to his early morning class, which  he informed me today, they are going to move to 4 pm to see if there is better attendance.


I took the children to school, came home, worked on the computer and worked on cleaning the house.


I took Mom to her hair appointment, out to eat. Came home, dropped her off and went to pick the children up from school. I then took Felipe and David to dentists appointments.


When we returned, Fito was outside putting poison down gofer holes. I helped him (really just watched him) and we talked about Maria. We are both just sick. He said his heart kept beating rapidly throughout the day. We are both so worried about her.


He then went to teach a Spanish class that he teaches, and I went to teach my English class. We assigned the four children to clean their rooms and bathrooms while we were gone.


No one was at my class. I came back home and inspected the rooms. Wow! They were all clean, especially the girls bedroom. The bathrooms were clean, too. Elizabeth has always been a cleaner and organizer, so it did not surprise me to find her assigned bathroom so clean. But Rebeca had cleaned the half bath by the kitchen and wow, she had cleaned it just a well as I.


The boys did clean theirs, but they have some remedial work as they didn't completely get it clean.


The girls and I went and lied down in the master bedroom and listened to Delilah on the radio until Fito came home. We did our routine and went to bed.


At about 11 pm, the phone rang. It was Maria and she was upset over a perceived wrong. From what I could gather, she thought I had contacted someone to try to get them to do something that she thought was controlling of her. When I informed her that I had not gone to that person's home. She spoke to someone else for a minute, then said, "Okay Mom." And we said goodbye.


A very strange call. And of course, now sleep was impossible. But at least, now I knew where she was staying.


I remember when the children were little and you would be up all night with a fussy child because of an earache or sickness. I remember being so tired I could hardly function from the constant physical demand of diapers, bathing, feeding, and cleaning.


However, this young adult parenting is emotionally and spiritually draining. I feel as though I am a zombie at times. As though I am half dead to the world because of numbness, anxiety, and worry. And Maria is not the first child to make me worry.


There have been times when I have awoken at 2 am and realized that so and so was not home. They don't answer their cell phone and you have the impression that you need to pray for them.


This is draining and I am tired. Last night I felt so sorry for Heavenly Father and Mother. They must be overwhelmed at times with concern and love.

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