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Parent-teacher conferences.

Thursday was a crazy day. I arose at 4:30 AM. I got ready for the day and went to pick up 50 boxes of donuts as the Spanish Club was having a fund raiser.


When I came home, Elizabeth and David asked me if the could stay home from school. Neither was feeling good as they were having a parade and Halloween parties, I thought, no big deal. Well it was almost time to go when Fito realized what I had done and insisted that they go to school. So needless to say, everyone was late to school.


I then went to teach my class. I arrived about 20 minutes early. I had my book. (I am reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austin) and I decided to read, but I fell asleep. Thank goodness, I did wake up and made it to class on time, though I had a kink in my neck.


After work, I went home and was going to take my mom to her hair appointment, but Travis said it had been canceled. That was great news for me. I was able to spend some time on the computer working.


At 3 PM, I pick the four younger ones up from school and dropped them off at home. I then went to the high school and started parent-teacher conferences. I had to leave the high school, go to the elementary for Rebeca's. Her teacher is so worried about her as she is not understanding phonics and is slow at reading.


I told her that I normally would be really worried too, but as several of her siblings were the same, I no longer worried. It seems that some children just don't get phonics and if they love to learn, have parents that read to them, and keep working with them, in time, they figure it out for themselves, and then CLICK, almost overnight they are reading.


I then went to the 4th and 5th grade center to meet with Elizabeth's teacher. Then back to the high school to find Felipe's teachers. I went  to two different buildings several times. Down hallways, etc. Some would be busy, others had gone to eat. I finally left the high school at 6:30.


I then went to the middle school to see David's teachers. What a mess. They had a fall carnival going on and some of the teachers were volunteering there. I had to walk back and forth several times the length of the school and still did not find all of his teachers.


What an organizational nightmare! If you say that you are having parent-teacher conferences? Isn't it a good idea to have the teachers in their rooms? But what I heard was great. It is nice to hear how smart your children are.


I went home, ate supper. I had fried some tortillas earlier to make tostados (just fry them in really hot oil till they are brown and crispy. Flip them once.) I then shredded some lettuce, heated up the leftover beans and bistek, put some cheddar cheese out, and we piled the stuff on the tostados. I didn't have time, but sliced hard boiled egg is really good on top, too.


After I ate, we drove to Norman. We were meeting Matthew and three of his friends. One plays the piano, one the flute, and one the violin. We are singing a special musical number in church on Sunday. We practiced for awhile and it appears it will be really nice.


Fito went home as he has work tomorrow. He had his truck as he came straight from a night Spanish class he teaches.


The rest of us followed Matthew home as we still had not seen his new home. He is renting a house with two other college students. It was really nice. Felipe had brought Papito (a Quaker, a type of Parrot) with us and the other college students that were visiting went crazy over him.


He likes to sit on your shoulder and they took turns holding him on their shoulders, talking to him, getting pooped on, which they though was hilarious, and so on. I told Felipe that Papito is a chic magnet and he should carry him everywhere.


I fell asleep on the couch while they played video games. We went home and I went to bed with Rebeca between Fito and I. The others stayed up till who knows when as there was no school on Friday.


Friday, I did make Poppy Seed bread (24 loaves) and made everyone help clean and do laundry. Then I sat down to read, while they all watched movies and played. A nice lazy day.




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