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Papito goes to school.

Friday, December 3rd. I did some work on the computer for my new job early in the morning then I took the children to school.


I had made some noodles with fajita meat, but I made way too much. I am so used to cooking for several teenage boys and now I only have two and they really do not eat that much. I put it in three different plastic containers and put some no bake cookies (that I had made last night) in plastic bags and took them to some families.


I then went to pick up Felipe's pants from being altered. He has grown and the hem needed to be let down. I didn't know it, but they can add some material so that they can make the pants as long as possible which is what we did. I also picked up clothes from the dry cleaners.


I came home and picked up our bird (a Quaker...a type of parrot), Papito, and took him to school. I went to the 4th and 5th grade center first as I thought Elizabeth had lunch first. I went to the office to check in. Papito was sitting on my shoulder and he would squawk as the children went by. It was so funny to see their expressions when they realized that there was a real bird sitting there.


I do not know how many times I heard, "It's not a robot!" "Look it's real!" or something of that nature. I found Elizabeth, and spent some time with her in one of her classes. The teacher was very kind and let the class ask questions and used the time as a learning experience. Later in the afternoon, we went to another class, where Elizabeth wanted to show her teacher, Papito, and she sent her away, actually quite rudely, because it had not been planned.


Any parent or teacher knows the unpredictability of children and life and knows to seize the moment. The first teacher was much wiser in realizing that for many children this might be the first time to see a parrot, and that they could learn from the experience. One rule of parenting/teaching is to not be too rigid.


I then went to find Rebeca at the Elementary school and she was at recess. The children were doing their mandatory laps (yea...good thing) and when they finished they clustered around us. They asked questions and were extremely curious. It was windy so I had Rebeca put up her hood and Papito was on her shoulder inside the hood. He was safer that way and the children could take peeks at him.


After recess, we went to Rebeca's class and her teacher allowed her to tell the class about him. They watched him eat and asked questions. I then went back to Elizabeth and went to lunch with her.


At one point, I was standing against the wall and speaking with the lunch workers. One lady made a comment about the milk that the student's take, but do not open. They leave them on a counter in the back. I asked what they do with them. She informed me that by law, they are not allowed to put them back. She said that her freezer was full and if I wanted to take some home.


I told her how many children I had and that I buy from 8 to 10 gallons of milk a week. I said I would take whatever she would give me. She is going to save them for me and I will go once a week to pick them up. Wow! What a blessing!


After lunch, I followed Elizabeth around for about an hour and then went home. I started a batch of clothes, did dishes, and other stuff.


Ross came over and Maria and Travis were here. We went to the church for a Christmas concert. It was incredible! The amount of talent that there is in Norman. It was professional level for the most part. Of course, the children complained and did not want to go, but once there, they enjoyed it. I watched their faces during the performances and saw joy.


Maria was sick so she, Travis, and Ross stayed home with my mom. Emalie, Matthew, and some of their friends sat with us at the concert. It was a really nice way to start December.


Saturday, December 5th, we got up and it was much colder today. Fito and I put on work clothes, loaded the trailers onto the vehicles, and headed to the church to pick up roof tiles. He had called the contractor last night and told him we would come today to pick up pallets.


When we arrived, it was apparent that the church was having something huge. Even the nearby streets were filled with cars. The workers were not present and there was no way to even approach the tiles. We decided instead to go to the outside flea market.


We headed in the opposite direction and spent most of the day at the flea market. We found treasures as always. I bought 4 old blue canning jars (which I collect) for $3 each. Two were quarts and two were half gallon size. That is an incredible price. Two of them also had the old zinc lids.


Fito bought an old two man saw. He told the gentleman that his grandfather had been a carpenter and that he and his brothers would have to cut logs using a similar saw. The log would have a line drawn on the top and bottom. Both boys would have to watch the lines to make sure they stayed true. If they veered they were swatted.


He said being on the bottom was the worse place to be as the saw dust would fall in your face. But that you had to still keep looking up to see the line.


He also bought an old pick. We found an old half size crock for $5, 3 oriental porcelain pots for $8 for all 3, and a 3X6 foot table for $20. We arrived late as people where leaving and there was a cold wind from the north. I think that is why we found so many bargains today. People just wanted to leave and get home to warmth.


We also bought some kitchen utensils for 25 cents each and a small brass bell for 50 cents. Fito hung the bell in Papito's cage and he rings it with his beak. He likes it a lot.


I made chicken and rice for supper, but used leftover rice. After I cooked the chicken, I added cream of mushroom soup to the broth and then added the leftover rice. I put a lid on it and let it steam for about 15 minutes. It came out really well.


I washed the jars, crock, and pots. They all cleaned up really nice. I then made 18 loaves of banana bread. The last batch is baking right now.


Ross and Maria are here. Travis is working. Sara, a friend of Elizabeth's is spending the night so she can go to church with us tomorrow. Fito and the boys put up more Christmas trees lights outside. Oh, I forgot, Fito also bought three extension cords for $1 each. That is why he put up more lights.


I am ready for a bath or shower and a movie. Then hopefully, to bed early!


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