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Painting Rebeca's room and cleaning upstairs


This summer has been the best, weather- wise, since we moved to Oklahoma, seven years ago. Our lake is still full, the grass is green, and there is a breeze in the air. It gets into the 90’s, but I think we have had only one day over 100 degrees. Last year, we had 30 consecutive days over 30degrees, were in a drought, and everything was brown.


My husband, Fito, is unemployed which is bad money wise, but has been good for the fact that he has been able to do so many things in the house. He keeps working on the tree house. He cleans the gardens and spray, mows, and prunes.


I have come home several times to find him dusting, moping floor, cleaning a room, or washing clothes. In fact, I have been applying at jobs in hopes that at least one of us finds full-time work in order that we may have insurance for the children.


We both have several part-time jobs, but nothing full-time.


Last week, I spent several days cleaning, moving furniture, and painting walls upstairs. Felipe moved out. He moved in with Matthew in Edmond and found a job up there. He is very happy to be on his own.


Rebeca and I painted 4 walls in the big bedroom upstairs and turned it into a bedroom for her as well as an art studio. She really worked hard that Saturday. On two of the walls, she did most of the rolling of the paint, while I did the brush work. She was a real worker. Later, she told me how tired her arm and shoulder was.








The beige wall are the ones we painted. Also, she was wanting something hung over her when, when a friend gave us a sack of old clothes. in the sack was a green sheer...just the color she wanted! Miracles never cease.





We hung pictures, cleaned everything, and moved all her things from Elizabeth’s bedroom. Then I helped Elizabeth and David clean and organize their rooms. Every drawer, nook, shelf, and corner is clean…wow…I do not think that has been done in years.


Yesterday, I worked 4 hours, did laundry, cooked, cleaned my mom’s room, bathed her, worked on a project, and made 21 loaves of Poppy Seed bread. Tonight are Parent-Teacher conferences and I wanted some small gift for the teachers.


Being a teacher is a hard job and it is harder every year. I do want to thank all the wonderful teachers out there; the ones who are dedicated to really helping their students learn and become better people. May you be blessed for your service, and thank you to all those who support the teachers and for raising children who value education. May you be blessed as well.

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