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Out of gas and a flat tire.

Friday morning I got up and was on the computer early. Maria had emailed me an apology for her behavior earlier in the week. It made me feel a lot better about her.


Fito came to kiss me goodbye. He reminded me that the trailer had to be hooked up to the pickup. I sent Felipe out to do it before I took them to school. David and Felipe did it all by themselves! I was impressed.


I then went in to dress and when I opened my drawer there was a note with a small box and a small draw-string bag. There was a pearl necklace in the bag and earrings in the box. They were from Fito and were really sweet and needed after such a crazy week.


But I felt horrible that he had already left for the day and I couldn't go and hug him and thank him. I hadn't even really paid him any attention that morning.


I dressed warmly as it was raining and cold. I then drove the children to school and then drove to OKC to pick up our Spanish friend. I then drove to the home where the roof tile were. It was still raining, but not hard like it was during the drive there.


We loaded the trailer and headed for home. It wasn't raining at home which was nice as we unloaded the tile. We ate lunch and headed back for another load. This time it was raining so hard we had to wait in the truck for the rain to subside. It never stopped raining, but it slowed down enough that we loaded the trailer and headed back.


This time, it was raining at home. We stopped first and picked up the children at school and headed for home. They did their chores while we unloaded the trailer. Fito came home, we ate supper, then just the 3 of us headed out again. This last load was much smaller and the LAST! We decided to let the children have a break.


We loaded up again-in the rain. Then took our friend home. We then headed for home and unloaded the last batch with the help of Felipe and David. It took 12 loads in all to bring all the tile home, but it was well worth the effort.


Of course, after receiving such a nice surprise from my husband in the morning, I would have preferred to meet him in the evening all dressed up with a nice candlelight dinner. Instead he came home to a woman wearing army fatigues, that were muddy and wet with her hair matted under a hat all day! Thank goodness hard work turns him on!


I forgot Elizabeth had a birthday party to attend. Ross had come and so kindly had taken her to Norman. I went later to pick her up, then bathed and went to bed.


Saturday, Fito and I drove to Dripping Springs State Park in eastern Oklahoma. We went to a mountain men rendezvous. My goodness, it was a great rendezvous. There were many camps and lots of traders. A trader is when people basically set up a small shop inside a tent to purchase items. However, the great thing about rendezvous traders is their goods. This is where you can purchase stuff like leather, skins, moccasins, Indian necklaces, clothing, guns, knives, bows and arrows, teeth, claws, beads, etc.


You will see items that can't be found elsewhere. We had such a good time, met some new friends and ate lunch with some old friends. The people at rendezvous's are always friendly, knowledgeable, and down to earth good people. We had so much fun, and really enjoyed the day. Fito did buy a skunk skin, some tails, and wooden bowls.


When we left, the sun was just setting and there was a lake that was reflecting the sun. This part of Oklahoma is wooded and hilly. It had been such a beautiful drive there as the trees are changing color right now and are read, yellow, and hues of brown. But as we left, it was just awe inspiring, the beauty around us with the sun filtering through the trees and on the lake.


We were headed back to I-40, but were on a small rural road when Fito realized the low fuel light was on. I had been driving all day and hadn't realized we were out of gas. I had put gas in Friday morning so in my mind the truck was full. I hadn't accounted for the fact that we did 3 trips yesterday and had driven to eastern Oklahoma that morning. We were REALLY out of gas. The needle was even with the E. I asked Fito if he had ever had the truck that empty before and did his needle go below the line? He hadn't and didn't know. We were miles from a town or gas station and it was getting dark. All we could do was drive and pray.


We did make it to a small town over 50 miles away. We put 23 gallons in. I don't know what the tank holds, but I was grateful we made it. We then ate at a Mexican Restaurant where everyone kept starring at us as we both were were wearing leather Indian clothing.


We stopped to visit some friends that live out this way, then went home. When we got home only the boys were there. A friend had taken the girls to spend the night with her daughters at her house and had left us a note.


Sunday, I got up early, went an cut some flowers and made an arrangement for church. I woke up Mom and the boys. I went later later to get mom and she was asleep. I woke her up again. I got ready and we went to church without Mom as she said she was too tired to go. She did get up and eat eggs that David had made, but went back to bed. She has her days and nights mixed up right now. She stays up all night reading and then doesn't get up till in the afternoon.


Church was nice. The speakers really humble and sincere. My class of 4 year olds is great. I love that age. They want to learn and please you and they have lots of energy.


After church, I went with another lady and we went to visit some other women. I then came home, cooked lunch. I took some leftover rice and some leftover pork. I cut the pork into smaller pieces and mixed it in with the rice. I added more water and then heated it up again on the stove. The extra water softened the meat and rice and it was a good meal. Matthew came and we visited. One of my former students called and we visited.


I went to pick up the girls in Norman. I felt the bad tire start to bump. I thought, "Oh, it's peeling, but not flat. Maybe I can make it to Sam's. They would be open on Sunday." (Just to let you know; we do not buy anything on Sunday unless absolutely necessary.)  But as I made a u-turn to go to Sam's, the tire went flat.


I pulled over to the side. Thank goodness it wasn't raining and not that cold. I opened the trunk and got out the spare. I then found the jack and tire tool. I was wearing a dress suit and heels and it was dark. I was thinking, "Oh great, I have to change a tire in a dress" when a large white van pulled over in front of me and out jumped 5 college age young men and an older gentleman.


They were a church youth group headed to a movie. One young man, whom they called Marine, changed the tire. One held a cell phone for light, and another helped him. They were polite, friendly, and helpful. I think that is the fastest I have ever seen a tire changed. I informed them that since moving to Oklahoma, I had never once been stranded without someone stopping to help me! What a great state with great people!


I then picked up the girls and we went home. Did our routine and to bed. Lots of little miracles, lots of fun, a great weekend.



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