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Organizing your desk, a crazy day, and afternoons with loved ones.


Everything I set down to write this blog, I always feel a sense of time that has gone by. Am I accomplishing what I want?

Am I helping my children and family do what they should?


Sometimes I feel as I have just spent all my time doing the mundane tasks of life and not at all accomplishing my dream of writing a book on Critical Thinking.


In fact, I haven’t written anything in my book since before Christmas, although, I have pondered and thought of things and details that I want to add to the book.


I have even had a couple of early restless mornings with such thoughts.

However, through the years I have learned that the small, seemingly, insignificant tasks of life, when done well and with the right intent are really what make life.


Brick by brick we build the walls of our lives.


This past week, of course, was one of cooking, cleaning, caring for family members, and work.         

Monday morning. I woke up, went to wake up David. I drove him to seminary (an early morning religious class for teens). I was writing while he was in class, then we went home.


I took a bath and got ready for work. I also gathered up files I would need (this is a new class) then headed to work.


This class is at Tinker Air Force Base and I have a pass to be able to enter the base.


I was about 1 mile south of the base just exiting the freeway when I ran out of gas.


What! I was on my way to a brand new training definitely a time not to be late.


Thank goodness I had left early. Our suburban needs a new sensor as the fuel indicator does not work. The problem is the sensor is inside the gas tank and would cost more than $800 to repair, therefore, we just always try to keep the tank half full (which obviously didn’t happen).

I grabbed my purse and my bag with files and waved at the first car that came down the off ramp. An older gentleman stopped. I told him my dilemma and asked if he could drop me off in front of the base. He did and I walked up to the gate, entered, then walked up to the building (a long walk) then realized the entrance I normally go in was closed for repairs.


I then walked into another entrance and went to the conference room where the class was scheduled. There was no secretary and the room was in use. I waited a little, then one employee came for class.


Finally someone who works in that area came in and we asked about the room. He called around and found out we were actually scheduled for a different room.


We went down there and 7 other employees were patiently waiting.


What a day!


Also, during my wait I checked my voicemails and a different director had called and wanted to know why I hadn’t come to class early that morning.

I didn’t know I was supposed to teach that day (it later came out that another teacher and I hadn’t received the revised schedule).


But at the time, I was thinking;       oh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Oh my, did I miss class?


After the class, I asked someone to go with me to buy a gas can and take gas to my suburban. A good friend helped me out, but now I was running late as my children had dentist appointments.


The dentist office was very gracious about our tardiness, but poor Rebeca had a very rough time at her appointment. I could go on, but needless to say, the rest of my day was just as frustrating.

The nice thing about being older is that you realize that life is like a roller coaster and you take the ups and downs as they come.


So now I just laugh and roll with the punches instead of getting upset (which I did when I was younger).


I spent one afternoon with my mom; I took her to her hair appointment then out to eat and to do errands.


Another afternoon, I went with Maria and Xander to her Dr.’s appointment and then out to eat, and to a thrift store.

At the thrift store we found a white tuxedo for Xander to wear to the Temple in a month when Travis and Maria are sealed together. In our church the Temple sealing means we are married for eternity. It is a sacred ordinance that brings families together forever.


The tux was only $11.00 which was an incredible price. I told Maria we were at the right place at the right time.


And this happens too many times for it to be a coincidence. The older I get the more I believe there are no coincidences. I see the hand of providence daily in what all of us do.


David and Elizabeth have been sick all week and early in the week, Elizabeth asked me to make some soup with beef. I took a roast and made the “Caldo de Res” Mexican Roast Recipe.


Two days later, the soup is almost gone, but we all still wanted soup. It’s cold outside, everyone has runny noses, coughs, and sore throats and so I took a small package of beef and added it to the soup. I also added another can of sliced potatoes and corn.


Then yesterday, David said he wanted soup, but that only a little was left and it was just cabbage and celery.

So I had David take a small bag of frozen hamburger (maybe 1 pound) cook it, then add it to the soup. I also told him to add whatever he wanted: beans, veggies, etc.


I came home after work and being with Maria and he had added corn, carrots, peas, and potatoes.

He had done a good job.


I also made bread this week (21 loaves). I used the apple-coconut recipe, but this time I used half the apple I normally do and added a can of crushed pineapple and a can of cherry pie filling. Oh my, what a moist chewy bread! Really good. I also made Pupusas one day.


I worked 20 hours this week teaching which is more than I normally do. I miss being at home when I am gone so much.

Especially since I am homeschooling and have to leave them to do assignments on their own.


However, Fito was sick and stayed home 2 days. What a great blessing to come home to a clean house. I have a great husband.


I also took one afternoon and cleaned off my desk. I had a pile of papers on the desk that needed either to be filled out, someone needed to be called, something needed to be checked, etc. We all know how it is.


The paper work never ends; I have a file on my desk that says “Working On” and put anything in it that needs extra attention. Bills go in a drawer, stuff to look at and/or buy goes in another drawer, the rest in the trash.


Then at least once a week I take the time to go through the folder and take care of some of the tasks.


I also try to keep the items in the folder in order of importance, that way I do not neglect to do something that needs to be done. If you don’t keep on top of paper work; it actually can be expensive, frustrating, or cause serious problems. I tell people when you come in with your mail go directly to your desk or work area.

Separate the mail right then. Throw away flyers, circulars, and other trash. Put all the bills in place (my bill drawer). Open only those things you’re not sure what they are, if trash, trash them at the moment.


i also have another drawer where i put things tha need to be filed, and of course, I have serveral file cabinets where i have files for taxes, bills, family information, teaching stuff, training stuff, insurance, home stuff, etc.


Stuff you think you want to look at and maybe buy, put them in a drawer to look at another time. My rule is that after I pay bills, then, and only then, can I look through the “I want” magazines, but usually, by that time, I just throw them away. Hummm…


Wish I had learned that trick years ago.


I also keep a list by my desk of things I need to do. If I add something to my “Working On” file that is important, I write it on my “To Do” List. In that way, I am reminded twice to take care of it.


Today I went to a church meeting then as a group we went to the Temple. I ended up babysitting 5 children. As the children and I walked over the church building so they could play in the gym, I asked them where they were from. They answered “Independence.” We used to go to church in Independence when we lived in Kansas. Then I found out that 2 of them were children of friends we have not seen in many years. Other of our friends were there that day.


When they were done and came for their children we had a sweet reunion. Need I say? No coincidences! God puts us where he wants us.


May each of you have a week of “coincidences” where God may use you to do His work. May you be blessed with the spiritual or temporal gift you need at this time in your life.



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