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New York here we come!

We are almost ready to go. Look out New York. Benjamin arrived from Kansas about an hour ago and they are finishing packing everything into the trailer.


We are taking the Suburban (which seats 7) and there are 10 of us. When we reach West Point we will have Tony's vehicle, too, and then we will not be so crowded.


We bought a large cooler yesterday and in it are frozen pans of enchiladas, lasagna, and goulash. I  had made a lot so we don't have to eat out as much. Even if we had the money, I do no like eating out as your energy level always goes down.


I also took stuff to make spaghetti, Ramon noodles, pancake mix, snacks, water and juices.


We took out all the trash, changed the sheets on the beds, the house is clean, and the animals are taken care of. A friend is coming to stay at the house so my Mom will not be alone. Maria and Travis will come each day to check on things and will stay the day or night depending on their schedule.


I bought my Mom some frozen prepared things she just has to microwave. She will be happy. She likes that stuff and I do not let her have it very often.


If we can, we will drive straight through to New York which is over 1500 miles and about 25-26 hours. AAUUGH....but we have left so late, we have to now.


We had car problems, children scheduling problems, and then money problems. We had to use some of the trip money before we even let, but I called our small town bank (which I love) yesterday, and we were able to secure a loan for the trip.


We are waiting right now for the paper work to be done, then Fito and I will sign the papers, and we will leave.


The past few days have been crazy loco. Fito and I have been trying to finish projects, turn in work that has to be done while we are gone. make final arrangements. Check on stuff. And the list goes on and on.


I will try to post everyday where we are and what we are doing. This is going to be such an amazing trip. Fito doesn't even know yet what all I have planned.


The only children we are not taking are Douglas, Ary, and Celeste and Maria and Travis -- the married ones. But over July 4th weekend we will go to Houston to see Douglas, Ary, and Celeste.



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