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My life is a Jane Austin Novel!

Auuuuugh!  My life is a Jane Austin novel at present. Maria (age 18) is engaged to Travis (age 19). During the summer they announced that they wanted to get married in September, but through much persuasion they postponed it.


Then they announced they would get married in December, but again we were able to convince them to wait.


Well...I just found out yesterday (and they weren't going to tell us until next week) that they are getting married on the 22nd of this month.


I keep telling them that age is irrelevant. I have a niece getting married in January that is 18, but the circumstances are completely different.


Maria is like Lydia in Pride and Prejudice in that she is blind to any of the perils, refuses to see many of the warning signs, is ignorant of family circumstances, and is dismissive of any other's concern. She has her Mr Wickham and only sees him, nothing else.


Whereas, I believe Travis is like Henry Crawford in Mansfield Park and I believe Maria is his Fanny, whom he must conquer and win. I fear for them both. There have been too many inconsistencies, too many indiscretions, too many lowered expectations. Oh, the folly of youth!


My spirit feels as though it has been hit by a car. If I think too much about it, I actually feel physically sick.


I have learned from past tragedies that when one is confronted with such sorrow or torment that only three things bring peace. 1.) Spiritual study or worship, 2.) Service to others, or 3.) Work.


Yesterday, thank goodness we still had tile to haul. I would have gone crazy without hard physical labor to do.


I also cooked 20 pounds of chicken I had. We had it for dinner with rice I made and I plan to use some later to make some meals. I also made brownies.


After school, I took the girls to do some errands. In the evening, Fito was gone for a school project so I had time to read. I am now reading Emma by Jane Austin.



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