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Maria and Travis had their baby!

It is 2:40 am and Maria was taken to have an emergency c-section around 2 am. She had fought the good fight. She had tried so hard to have him naturally, but the fact that she was only 34 weeks, and his heart rate kept dropping.


The nurses and doctors kept running in to take care of him and they tried everything to help them along. It finally became necessary to invite him into the world quickly as his heart-rate was down for a sustained time.


He still doesn't have a name and we still do not know how much he weighs as they whisked him away.


We took this picture as they were taking him in the incubator.


His APGAR score was 9.9 which is exceptional for a 34 week baby. See him peeking out at us?


I would guess he is between 4-5 pounds. He is little!

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