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Lots of work. Hoomeschooling in the fall.

Again it seems to be that all I have to report is work, work, work...and hot, hot, hot. There is a drought here in Oklahoma and we have had more than 20 plus days of over 100 degree weather.


We did have some thunder showers yesterday that brought welcome relief. Some rain and cooler temperatures, but it is supposed to head back into the 100's today, and be 103 or higher through the weekend.


I have been working on several projects and have made headway on some of them. In a couple of weeks, my schedule will slow down...(each time I say or think doesn't happen). I will finish some projects, but I have already been approached to do more training for different


However, these new projects are about change management and Total Quality management, which are my strengths, or should I say, one of my loves? Yes, I love anything organizational management wise. And to be paid to teach and help others learn and use what I love and am good at is a dream that I keep finding myself in...a very good dream.


I have decided to home school my children this year. After the high school decided to not give Felipe credit for his sophomore year (for missing too many days when we went to West Point), plus some other things that transpired last year.


Not only that, I used to home school and I always told the younger children that when Mommy finished her degree that she would home school them.


Fito wants me to look for full time work, but after this summer of working full-time, I realized that with my situation, that I would prefer to sell our home and move into a smaller home, than be away from my home, my children, and my obligations in the home.


I have have to clean my mom's room and potty early in the morning or late at night. I wonder if she's been fed well or has taken a bath. Elizabeth has done all the laundry this summer. The boys and her have cooked and cleaned. And while all those things are good and well. I miss being with my children.


I miss being at home and being able to cook and bake. I only cook, perhaps, 4 times a week, and only bake once a week. The house is dirtier and it has been hard to keep up with the housework.


Granted, we also had the tornado damage and that made this summer more difficult, however, I realized that I DO want to be at home and that is why I worked so hard to get a terminal degree.


My plan was to use the degree to write and to consult in order to stay at home. I don't mind working some, but not full time.


I am also fortunate that Oklahoma has a public charter school that offers online classes that are free to any Oklahoma student. That way, I do not have to pay for the curriculum, I have other teachers and administrators helping, evaluating, and assessing the children, and I have a program that is concise, organized, covers all the needed areas, and so forth.


Therefore, it will not be that difficult to have school each morning, make sure the children have their assignments done, have dinner started or done, then work a few afternoons on my projects.


I guess we will see how it works out...


By the way, Tony drove home the Surburban last week and thus far the transmission works really well. The boys came home from their conference at church, and Elizabeth and her cousin Abby left for girl's camp this week.


Felipe takes the GED test tomorrow and Friday. 

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