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Lots of cooking...

I am teaching a computer class write now (well…they are practicing their keyboarding). This is a beginning class and they come without even knowing how to use a mouse, turn on the computer, etc. many times they haven’t even see the Internet.


It is a fun class to teach, though, as we progress through Windows, Word, and the Internet. They set up a Gmail and Facebook account. They learn to copy and paste and learn the wonders of the Web.


Over and over again, the light comes on, they realize what a great tool this will be in their lives, they sent emails to each other and the excitement bubbles over and is contagious.


This is when teaching is incredibly fun.


This was a great past week. Last week was Fito’s birthday and then our 28 Wedding anniversary. We both had night classes to teach so we still haven’t gone anywhere. We had previous commitments on the weekend. Perhaps another time we will sneak away.


Friday night, I took Rebeca, Elizabeth, and Abby (a niece) to a sew-in that the senior citizen’s center holds each year. They spend 24 hours just tying quilts, making clothes to send overseas or to disaster relief. Caddy bags for wheelchairs, and so forth. We went Friday evening and had a wonderful time.


A friend of mine that moved away was there and we spent the evening catching up and cutting out patterns for children’s clothes.

I have cooked like crazy this week. We had company, plus cousins staying with us so a full house all week.


I made beans from scratch one day, but they were a little plain, so I took some baloney and cut it up in small pieces and added it to the beans. Just right now. I also made rice two times during the week. One yellow, the other plain with onion and veggies.


One meal was just scrambled eggs with beans on the side…yum.

One day, I made spaghetti (I wanted lasagna, but we did not have lasagna and I did not want to go to the store. I made a lot and had two pans (aluminum disposable pans I buy at Sam’s) for give away. I put cheese on top and then baked it in the oven It was okay, but not as good as lasagna.


One day, I made Ramon Noodles, and added a jar of chicken, bell peppers, and onion.


On Saturday, I made Carne Guisado. It came out really well. Fito had friends coming so I made a large batch. I also added potatoes pieces to it to stretch it out for more people. We had enough left over to even eat it on Sunday.


I also made bread and put in banana, sweet potatoes, and pineapple. What a great combination. Never did that before, but really good bread.


Then Sunday, I made the blonde brownies with chocolate chips and peach cobbler from yellow cake mix. I ha


Also to note: I was low on beans by now, so I just opened one of those large cans you get a Sam’s and added it to the already seasoned beans, added another Sazon packet and they were just as good.


I got a jar of salsa from the pantry, added fresh cilantro and yum, yum.


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