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Yesterday was a very productive day for me, which was good as today my cough has gotten worse.


I made chicken and rice and was going to give you the recipe, but not yet.


The rice came out too sticky and I put too much of the chicken bullion (with tomato) in it and it was on the salty side. I am trying to come up with a chicken and rice recipe that has a Spanish rice flavoring.


I also made no-bake cookies, but I left them and one of the children was stirring them and they boiled too long. They are crumbly which I do not like, but Ross was here and he said they were perfect. I guess everyone has their own preference.


I worked most of the day on my web site. I added more pictures. There is one of Tony at the Fiesta Bowl. See


I also put some more recipes on the site and straightened out and reformatted some of the pages. Building a web site is fun, but time consuming.


I read and studied some and went to bed early. The only cleaning I did was dishes, so on Monday, I will have to put everyone to work and get the house spotless as Fito come home tomorrow.


One of his cousins noted on my Face book wall that he had danced every night he was there....was that supposed to be comforting to me? I am glad he is having fun, but I really guess I don't want to know how much this blissful ignorance...did I talk about that on my website this week?


Just kidding, and please know that I am not worried or jealous (maybe slightly) but he and I have been through so much. We are now and always to be together. He truly is my better half, and I, his. We simply could never be with anyone else for there is no one else that could come close to understanding either one of us.

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