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In the Redwood Forest...

This is Agate Beach in Northern California off the Redwood Forest Highway. Incredible! We had to hike down all the way, then hike back up so we couldn't bring too many treasures.

Rebeca and I on the beach.

The agates are in the cliffs and storms and rain bring them down to the beach.

Hiking back up from the beach. Treasures in our hands and pockets. Ferns, moss, beach flowers, tall trees, and amazing rocks. What a pretty place.

Plus, it was 60 degrees here and the rest of the US seemed to be caught in cold.

Beca and Liz at the beginning of the trail. Cool trees.

So much of the coast of northern California was like this...big rocks, wild waves, beautiful forests....really gorgeous.

Tony and Colette were married in Seattle on Saturday. We are driving Colette's car back to Oklahoma...(David, Elizabeth, Rebeca and I) that's why we are here...

The beach (sand) is made of tiny, tiny rocks.

Our treasures of smooth rocks, smooth drift wood, canes of driftwood.

The Redwoods were so amazing! I had to delete most of the pictures we took. They simply did not come out. It is really hard to take pictures of such huge and tall trees.

It would get really shady on the highway when you came to the bigger groves of trees. then the sun would filter down through the trees and it was such a sacred feeling. As if the trees were a cathedral to God.

We drove through this tree. Almost took the mirror off the side of the car. Rebeca's yelling saved me at the last minute.

Now this is a "tree house". Made from a Redwood...

A herd of Elk...just enjoying the soft grass of someone's lawn instead of the dry grass on the side of the mountain. they were in the middle of the road as well and we all had to stop and wait for them.

Can you believe we saw all this in one day? What a beautiful place.

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