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In Ohio.

We are in Ohio. It is 8:30 am and we drove all night. We had to bypass one area in Illinois as there was a bridge out. And then I got back on the wrong road and didn't catch it until 30 miles or so.


So that slowed us down. We should be in New York, I estimate around 7-8 pm with stops included. We need showers now...what will we look like then?


There has been construction, detours, etc. It was super foggy in Illinois and I had to keep slowing down. We ate last night at Wendy's from their dollar menu. We spent $38 for 10 of us. I am impressed.


Right now we are at Bob Evens and I put a $6 limit on their breakfast's. We will see how well we do.


We have 3 laptops that they have been using for entertainment. So far that has worked really well. Right before we left, Matthew bought the first two seasons of "How I Met Your Mother" and they had a marathon last night watching the show.


We brought the PS3, but there is not enough current for it to run. There are 4 cell phones among us, but none of us have the Internet on our phones.


I remember the old days in the station wagon with only the alphabet game or camp songs to keep us entertained. Actually, my children still play the Alphabet game. Sometimes, we play it by finding the alphabet by billboards, etc....things we see on the road.


Other times, we start with A, and each person has to name an animal that starts with A, then B, and so on. When you are last, out of 10, it gets really hard. My husband is amazing, at how many animals he can think of.


Our food is here...I will catch you later.

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