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I wonder?

What a crazy week and week end.


On Wednesday, I worked and Fito and the boys worked on the roof and cleaning the gardens. I helped in the gardens, although I had work to do. Fito thinks I am super woman and can keep taking more jobs, doing more work outside the home, but maintain the home and my schedule just the same.


My biggest problem right now is another teacher and I are in the process of writing a Grammar and Writing Book and it takes  a huge chunk of time.


I also have several training programs that I am putting together. The only thing I know to do is get up earlier and delegate more to him and the children (which I am doing).


I simply can't do it all.


We had company come on Thursday through Saturday morning. We ate great food! Had wonderful conversations and caught up on each other's families. Fito's brother and wife from Vancouver, Canada were here and two of my sister-in-law's brothers came with them.


They are all good cooks and intelligent, well spoken people so the conversation was entertaining and fun.


We went to the Western Heritage and Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City on Friday and then went shopping. It is a great museum if you like Western  or Native American Art ...which we do.


Saturday, they decided to return to Houston, where my sister-in-law's family Fito and I decided to go on to Dallas ( 3 hours from here).


Fito had gone last weekend and brought our nephew home. Plus he had forgotten to bring home three Parakeets that he had purchased.


We drove to Dallas and dropped off our nephew. We then went to Trader's Village, a huge Flea Market. And I mean HUGE. There are perhaps, several thousand venders. Everything from fruits to car parts. Live animals to clothing, jewelry to African art. Used items, new items, hard to find items, dollar store items, electronics, household, antiques, collectibles, etc., etc., etc.


It is FUN! Each time we go we try to go through a different section. I don't believe it is possible to see it all in one day.


Fito has a cousin that sells birds there. We visited with them and were invited to eat with them that evening. They fed us the best meal ever! One of the daughters had made an oriental dish. She said it is easy and will send me the recipe. I will try it out and see how easy it is.


We ended up staying at a motel as we wanted some alone time. We finally found a Mom and Pop place that was clean and cheap. They had a clean, nice room with a King bed for $42. That is my kind of place.


Sunday morning, I went to church and Fito went back to Trader's Village because he had to pick up some truck parts that the guy did not have on Saturday.


A gentleman spoke on the importance of listening to the Prophet at General Conference. General Conference is a bi-annual conference, our church has in October and April of each year, when we listen as the Prophet and Apostles speak to us.


I was assigned almost a month ago to speak on the same Sunday...March 27th.


After the service, I went up to the gentleman and told him his talk was excellent and if he would allow me to use it in my talk. He graciously emailed me the talk and I intend to use parts of it in mine as he had collected scriptures and some good stories.


Was it conidence that I was there to receive that help? I don't think so. This happens way too often. The Lord is always helping me to find the knowledge or path to make my life easier.


We came back Sunday evening after eating and visiting with family and friends.


I-35 was a disaster. At one construction zone it took us an hour and a half to go 19 miles. It took 6 hours to get home and it should have taken three. We also weren't thinking that it was the end of Spring Break and everyone would be headed for home.


One other you enter Texas on the 35 from Oklahoma, the first thing you see is an Adult Porn Store. When you enter Oklahoma on the 35 from Texas, the first thing you see is a Casino.


I love both states and have lived in both. They are conservative, down to earth, honest, good, hard-working, patriotic citizens.


However, I wonder what other visitors to our states think when they enter and those are the first things they see?

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