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I have a job.

Tuesday, I spent most of the day cleaning my desk off, going through papers, paying bills, making phone calls, filling out stuff. Yuk. Yuk. Yuk.


That is always depressing. Too many bills and never enough money.


We just do the best we can.


Fito came home and we went to the Temple. A good conclusion to such a depressing day.


Wednesday, went much better! I have a job and I am really excited about it. Tinker Air force Base has contracted with Oklahoma City Community College to do some training. I wrote a business proposal for the idea several weeks ago.


They liked the plan and I start work this week. It is everything that I was hoping for. It is not full-time, but enough hours and pay to help us do some things we need to do. The work is the same as what I researched in my dissertation, so I am excited to try out some of the theories and findings that were established.


I am working with good people. This is a real blessing.


I called several friends after my meeting because I wanted to go out and eat, and celebrate. One was sick, the others were not at home. I finally got hold of Matthew and Emalie and they went to lunch with me. It was really nice. Emalie is such a smart sweet girl.


Afterwards, I went and picked up the children from school and we bought pizza. Then Felipe, David, Fito, and I went to the Temple again tonight. Afterwards, we went to get ice cream with some friends.


Today, December 2, I went to meet with another supervisor about work. Afterwards I came home and cleaned my mom's room and made her bed. I took my mom to her hair appointment and did errands while waiting for her.


Last night about 2 am, I kept hearing the door bell ring. I went to my mom's room and she was the one ringing the door bell. We had put one in there for her to page us in emergencies. She had stepped on a tack and wanted me to look at her foot.


As luck would have it, I could not get back to sleep. I kept thinking about my new job, and how I needed to set up the program, etc. I finally fell asleep who knows when.


Fito had heard the door bell ringing about 3 am on Tuesday night, but when he went to check on my mom, she said she didn't ring it.


We went home and I did dishes, laundry, cleaned, and made potato soup from the leftover mashed potatoes. I had leftover gravy, and I added it to the soup. It was good.


I had made some fajitas on Tuesday and had some leftover. I took them and cooked some egg noodles. I then added cream of mushroom soap and the leftover fajitas to the noodles. That came out okay, but not great.


I took some of the meat and rice to my friend who was sick.


I need to start cooking in smaller portions. I have cooked for so many for so long that I keep making too much food.


Fito teaches a Spanish class tonight at OCCC. I teach English at the church and Elizabeth has choir practice. I need Felipe to get his license so we have another driver again. Teenage drivers are a blessing and a curse...all at the same time.

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