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I am back.

Sorry, I didn't write. I took a long weekend. It was fall break for those of us in Oklahoma and as my husband is a teacher, he had Thursday and Friday off. I had switched with another employee, so I had the two days free, as well.


Friday, it rained the whole day. We slept in, were lazy, and did the bare minimum.


Saturday, we got up at 6 am and went to the flea market to try to sell some items. We ended up making friends with a family from Mexico. We went to eat lunch with them, went to their house, and then they followed us to our house.


They are going to do some work for us in trade for our 4 wheeler. Saturday night we watched a movie and had left overs. I started a big batch of pinto beans cooking for Sunday as I invited several of Matthew's friends for dinner. I also cut some flowers for an arrangement for church.


Sunday, I got up early and started the beans again. It was a crazy morning. First of all, I hadn't slept from midnight until 4 am. I was having some problems, so I just read. I was reading Sense and Sensibility and actually finished it.


Also, my mom got up, but then was so short of breath that she decided to not go to church. Then a neighbor came by, and told us our miniature horse, Thunder, was at her house. It was too late for us to go and get him and we couldn't be late for church this Sunday because the children were doing a program and Rebeca and Elizabeth were part of it.


We went and woke up Travis (who is living in our's ok) and Maria, as their church starts an hour later than ours and sent them for the horse.


Went to church, program was really nice, children too shy to speak, ones that sing too loud, others that fiddle with stuff, but when they sang that they knew their Savior loved them, I cried. That and all the smiles, and innocence makes it perfect every time.


I came home and cooked rice. To change it up this time, I took onion (about 1/3), a glove of garlic, 2 cups of crushed tomato, half a bell pepper, salt, and pepper, and filled the rest of the blender with water. I then added this when it was time to add the water to the rice. Really yummy rice.


I made refried beans, but instead of using bacon grease as usual, I added real lard. I don't do this very often, but it is more authentic and very yummy.


Then I made bistek, a Spanish meat dish. I made the same mixture (above) as I used for the rice in the blender and cooked small cut up pieces of steak in this mixture. After the meat was soft, I added sliced onion and bell pepper and contined cooking until they are soft. It is just like you would with fajitas, but when cooked in the sauce, it is juicier than fajitas are.


I made homemade tortillas and afterwards made the PB Chews with 3 different kinds of leftover cereal. One had raisins and I actually liked them in the chews.


The company I was expecting didn't come, but 3 different families came to visit us during the afternoon and two stayed to eat. It always works out. I tried to start a fire in the outside fireplace, but the wood was too wet from the rain and just kept smoking. We finally went inside and just visited in the living room.


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